Friday, 1 June 2007

Meatballs and Presents

My birthday and a trip to Croydon IKEA this morning with Saskia and Mac. I love IKEA. Am obsessional. I make lists and try, try, try to stick to it. I always fail. Today I went in for a NOT uplighter/reading light, a couple of throws in jaunty colours for the dogs baskets and a snazzy mirror for that dull bit on the landing between floors. I got all of the above and three candles (lavender, strawberry and vanilla), a couple of red CD boxes, a Roman blind for the bathroom, a rug for Mac's bedroom, a couple of mugs, a wok, some notebooks (planning to use them on the day of The Wedding to make myself look highly important), a stuffed shark toy that Mac chose and some face flannels. That's quite without visiting the Swedish Market shop for some loganberry cordial, cinnamon biscuits, dill crisps and some pear cider.

Saskia went in for a cutlery set and some funky outdoor lights. She came out with a cutlery set and some funky outdoor lights. How can she do that? She didn't even want to go into the Swedish Market. She stood by the tills checking her messages as Mac and I hung lovingly over the freezer looking at all the cakes.

It was bedlam in the restaurant where we had meatballs and chips and a lovely coffee. Mac was so good, he sat there, covered in ketchup and munching happily on haddock and chips. Other children were not so well behaved. One young lad decided to risk his life and that of his mother's by running up and down the stairs with his eyes shut. Two tables away from us, a young lady (dressed entirely in yellow) of about 6 sat in a chair and leant back on it until she was balancing rather precariously on just two legs while the people with her ignored her and ripped somebody called Marcia apart. Saskia peered at her over her coffee mug "She'll really hurt herself if she goes all the way back" she pointed out loudly, trying to catch the ears of the little girls table-mates. "Well, if she does do that Saskyar, she won't do it again" piped up the pride and joy at my side, spearing a ketchuppy chip. I really must watch what I say in front of my child. The table mates managed to hear that, shot us a Look and pulled the chair upright so fast, the poor girl shot forward and headbutted the table.

We then went home for the ritual Birthday Present Opening Ceremony - Charlie arrived with champagne and Saskia produced a cake that she'd hidden in our fridge when she arrived to pick me up this morning. I'm a lucky girl and got lots of lovely presents including something sparkly (though sadly not equine M&M!) from my lovely husband, a totally original, handpainted picture from Mac (he's even signed it!), lots of lovely Lush smelly stuff from my lovely girls, a super deluxe pampering basket from Bea and a cheque from Ginny to "buy some gorgeous glossy super riding boots my lovely". Oh, and Janey's present buzzes, gyrates and whirls. I opened it discreetly whilst Mac was in the garden, Saskia tells me it's the "latest thing on the market, very good", Charlie was amazed at how big it was and David? Well David now thinks it's his birthday!


mutterings and meanderings said...

Happy Birthday!

Your presents sound great: enjoy!

Kelly said...

Ikea meatballs and a vibrating gift? What more could a girl want on her birthday.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

A horse, a horse, my birthday for a horse!

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