Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Birthday Girl

In all the excitement of planning The Wedding and Trips From Hell to Ibiza, I'd almost forgotten that it's my birthday on Friday. I do love a good birthday - even though my advancing years suggest I should know better. Charlie stopped celebrating her birthday once she hit 29 a few years back and Saskia, once she reached thirty, started going backwards. She's currently 26.

David has promised a special meal that he's cooking from scratch (this means no tins and no ready prepared sauces/packet mixes - he's said this about six times) and Mac has promised me "something special and lovely mummy".

I've always loved my birthday - not that I've done anything mega-special on any of them, I just like them very much! My 18th was memorable, probably because out of 90 guests I was the only sober one by the end of the night. My cousin had an erudite conversation with a rosebush, my dad led a conga line up the street and my aunt sat on a camping stool and it collapsed, propelling her to the floor. On my birthday video, I've got five minutes footage of Auntie Daisy clutching her bottom and moaning "oh me bleeding piles! My bleeding a**e". Such a nice momento for me.

It's not that I get overly fantastic presents either - although, don't get me wrong, I do get nice ones! My favourite birthday present ever was when I 9 - I got Kerplunk AND Connect 4. I was very excited and had to be put to bed early.

Following her visit today Janey (we've done The Seating Plan, I have writers cramp and a headache) left a gaily wrapped package and a shiny envelope. Judging from the look on her face and the lewd wink she gave me when she handed it over, I'd better not open it anywhere near Mackenzie. Whatever can it be?!?!


mutterings and meanderings said...

May be you'll get a pony for your birthday? ;)

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday. I just keep having parties and don't tell anyone my age. I find that that works best.

debio said...

Happy Birthday.
Birthdays depress me horribly so I'm so pleased to read this blog.
As a Christmas babe - well, almost - I have officially declared that only Christmas will be celebrated from this year onwards, but should anyone like to give me an especially large pressie then it would be churlish of me to refuse it!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

M&M - oooh, let's hope so! one called Jezebel would be nice!

Gwen - thank you.....I've been promised a big party for my, ssssh, fortieth.

Debio - thank you....Saskia is a Christmas babe, and even now she still insists on two presents, with very different themed wrapping paper!

Kelly said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one to have an eventful 18th- got accused of setting fire to the local bowling green. As I couldn't walk, the police decided it couldn'y have been me!

Happy birthday, though. Hope you get some splendidly age-appropriate gifts!

Omega Mum said...

I love the sound of your auntie and her piles. In fact, I think your entire family sounds very appealing....Lucky you. Now I've got not just Bea envy but family envy.

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