Saturday, 19 May 2007

Come on you...erm.....

.....who to support in this afternoon's FA Cup Final? Chelsea or Man U? Neither team fill me with enthusiasm but I suppose I'm more well disposed towards Chelsea than the Red Devils. Not just because they beat us when we met them at the Millenium Stadium in good old Cardiff (let's face it, we were expecting to be beaten) but then Chelsea aren't in my good books for "buying" their way to trophies over years.

I remember my day out at the Cup Final with Millwall in 2004 with a fair amount of emotion. There they were, my boys, my brave Lions, giving it their all for us and we the fans giving our all back to them. Zampa the Lion, our mascot, was running around the pitch like a thing possessed as the players took their wander round the pitch. Before, during and after the game, we made more noise in the stadium than Man U (so used to winning trophies their fans seemed almost bored) and more noise outside on the way back to the coaches. We had lost in the Final but we were cheerier than the winners. Wave after wave of miserable Man U fans mooched around Cardiff - one of our number felt it imperative to say "Erm, you do know that you've won don't you?". The response was a shrug as they continued to skulk their way back to London/Reading/Guildford/Brighton/Plymouth. Rumour has it that there were actually some people from Manchester at the game. Well I never!

Dear me, if Millwall had won the FA Cup I'd still be banging on about it.

Still, I'll be watching this afternoon (David has the Pringles and Mac has got some popcorn), not really caring about who wins but enjoying the occasion. I may have to turn off for Abide With Me as the mere tune makes me cry - listening to the words literally makes me sob. When we were all standing shoulder to shoulder at Cardiff and some opera singer was warbling away on the pitch, I was the one sobbing into my friend Emma's shoulder. She still remembers it vividly.

Good Luck to the Red Devils and the Blues from a Millwall fan!

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