Friday, 29 June 2007

Running around

I woke up this morning with the sudden realisation that The Wedding is in fact tomorrow. No longer is it "that event I'm organising sometime in the future", nor is it "Janey's wedding at the end of the June".

The future is now and it's the end of June.

When did that happen? I'm now, as I type this and crunch on my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, pondering the things that can go wrong. All has gone well so far - even the rehearsal was hitch free. Darren got Janey's many names in the right order and Janey didn't snigger when she revealed to the rest of the sniggering rehearsal party Darren's middle name.

Today we're decorating the church and finishing off the church hall but first I have to go to pick up the flowers from Pam the Florist and find a cool place large enough. Manuela the Caterer has been brilliant and "won't let" me worry about the food "that's what you are paying me for". How wonderful to find someone who isn't in it just for the money.....I've already recommended her for a forthcoming 18th and a christening.

The photographer will be trailing the wedding party today to take some candid shots. Why do I get the impression that my shots will be more candid than most? I've also got to fit in a visit to the manicurist and hairdresser. David is in deepest darkest Essex attending the funeral of his ex-boss today but will be back later to pick Mac up from nursery. Janey is convinced that's a sign of some sort. She's taken to peering up at the sky of late and wondering if it'll be raining on Saturday. She's got the BBC's weather page on permanent standby on both the internet and Ceefax.

Ivy is already doing her "mother of the bride" sobbing - but more, she confided to me, because she's not only losing a daughter, she's gaining Darren and it'll be just her and Jim from now on.

So, please wish for nicer weather than this and wish us all luck.....but, at the same time, pray we don't need it!


Gwen said...

Best of luck and yes a really hope that you don't need it. However my tip for weddings is to find the champagne and start drinking from first thing in the morning and basically don't stop. The day will appear to run much more smoothly.

Omega Mum said...

I always like that 'let me do the worrying for you,' business. Unfortunately, when I try the line out, it seems to make everyone even more nervous. probably why I don't do catering. Break a garter, as we say in the good luck trade.

Kelly said...

Everything crossed for you, though I'm certain you won't need it. You've done a brilliant job. As Gwen said- have a stash of Champagne (and umbrella) just in case!

Natural Blonde said...

Oh enjoy, wedding like the one you've been organising are the best as they have been done with love!

We were all still decorating the church at 10.30pm the night before my wedding with flowers brought down that morning from brighton flower by an auntie.

the morning OF MY OWN WEDDING i was tobe found harvesting ivy for the marquee from my mum's garden walls..but it was all wonderful and everybody knew how much effort and love had gone inot it.

Yours will be just as lovely, I'm sure!

Drunk Mummy said...

Good luck! Hope everything goes well, and if it doesn't I know we will all get to read about it. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I've picked this up too late to say have a lovely time. Instead I'll say "I hope it went well and you had a lovely time!" And everyone else of course. The weather hasn't been too bad here, at least we managed to get out for a walk. Looking forward to hearing all about it.
Crystal xx

dulwichmum said...

Good Luck, and please post some photos!

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