Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Lee-ding Man

Well done to Lee Mead on winning the BBC's Any Dream Will Do. I was on the edge of my seat the whole night and nearly ruined my snazzy new manicure with all the nailbiting tension - but I worked my way through a packet of wine gums instead.

Who won Grease is The Word? That Bloke From Westlife's Relation? Or am I thoroughly over-excited and their final is next week?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Lee can certainly sing can't he! Grease; Susan McFadden (Westlife singer's sister) and Danny B. In my opinion, definitely the right choice, however, Michelle has an equally stunning voice. I wish them all luck and will be very surprised if Michelle's career doesn't take-off from now. Crystal x

Yorkshire Pudding said...

In spite of myself I loved "Any Dream Will Do". The BBC did it brilliantly - so much incidental drama, the presence of "The Lord", a great presenter in the shape of Graham Norton and so much talent on display. However, seeing for the first time two shows in - I said to my wife of Lee "He is the perfect Joseph2 and so it came to pass...

Nunhead Mum of One said...

YP - and lo! He was a far better Joseph than Keith (who i could see in starring in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) or Lewis (who would be perfect in, erm.....)

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