Sunday, 9 March 2008

Thursday: Camden cancelled

Lorna was woken at 2.30am this morning "by the night demons". I suspected that she'd somehow overdone the wine with dinner but Don assured me it was a migraine. "Yup, she gets them every now and again and nothing but pills and bed rest will shift it". Therefore, our trip to Camden was cancelled. Don doesn't "do" shopping and I must admit I was a tad relieved. I'm worn out. When I first mentioned the proposed trip to Bea she had wrinkled her nose and said "Camden Market?" in a tone of voice that I didn't much like the sound of. I wanted to be hip, trendy and more than a little cutting edge and provide a bit of urban excitement for our Canadian visitors. Bea pointed out that to stand on the terraces of White Heart Lane and suggest that all Arsenal fans are fantastically wonderful people would be safer. Charlie, when I rang and told her that we weren't going (and to complain about being landed with Don) expressed dismay "Oh, you've missed a great day out - far better than all the history crap you've landed them with so far" Mixed feelings there then. I often think that I would enjoy places more if I just arrived there without having to do all this travel malarky. Half an hour from home yesterday (not via Barnes thanks to my sat nav) I really, really wanted to close my eyes and lie down for a while. But that would have alarmed my passengers.

So, I was left with a free day with Don - "there's no point staying at your dads place, he's at work and Lorna is spark out". He loved Ayres and came back with a sausage roll, a bacon and cheese wrap AND a ham and cheese roll for lunch. He threw me a bit when he asked me what I normally do when I'm not a tour guide. I couldn't really answer him - what do I do? Clean the house? Cook? Worry about things? Watch Jeremy Kyle? Who, by the way, was "crap compared with Jerry." I bristled at this and went into a mood. What exactly do I do all day? I rang David to whinge while Don made more tea. "You make my life easier darling, that's what you do, you're gorgeous and loving and we all love you." David the Diplomat said. Cheered slightly, I rallied enough to suggest a long walk in Dulwich Park with the dogs who, incidentally, were delighted with my presence. I could almost hear Junior Dog say happily "It's half past eleven and she hasn't gone out yet!". They do have abandonment issues I will admit.

We had to come back via Ayres - Don was gasping for a gateau and "Lorna always craves cream when she gets over her migraine" Maybe, but does she crave hot cross buns and orange sponge too?


Rosie said...

I was really disappointed when I visited Camden Market for the first time. It was a "Is this it?" type of reaction.

Enjoyed your post NunheadMum, but the link to Jeremy Kyle??!

Kelly said...

Surely if he wore less terrifying shirts, she'd have less migraines???

It is nearly at an end, my friend, then you can go back to Jeremy Kyle!!

Potty Mummy said...

Do you really watch Jeremy Kyle?

No judgement, you understand, just wondering...

aims said...

I'm sure Don would have been able to relate to a day of watching Jeremy as it sounds so much like dear old Jerry......

What is wrong with the Market anyway? I've never been so would love to know.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Rosie - I've never been and, judging by reactions, i don't think I will!

Kelly - he wore quite a nice one for Harrods, not so....bright!

Potty Mummy - I do sometimes (Bea thinks I'm addicted) purely for the entertainment value.

Aims - It is the English version of Jerry but no beefy security guards! Not sure there's anything wrong with it really, it's just a very "arty" place and for most of my circle that means "bearded gentlemen, unwashed youths and tattoo artistes aplenty".

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