Tuesday, 4 March 2008

An aside....

I can see the years flashing past me, propelling my pride and my boy into his teenage years and then young adult hood and then introducing me to his bride and then making me a granny......during an off-hand discussion last night, just as I was about to fall into the Land of Nod, David informed me that Mac will be attending the London Nautical school. That's it, no discussion, no asking Mac if he'd prefer to go to Bacon or anything. Just "Mac will go to the London Nautical, just like I did."

My baby son was just four on Saturday and is not yet in primary school yet his father has sealed his fate in seven years time just because he likes the sea and is good with a golf club.


Dulwich Divorcee said...

Dear NM, just had a look at the school website and it looks fab! And free! Do think you are lucky, doesn't seem an equivalent for girls, though it's relatively seldom that I want to send mine to sea ....and plenty of time to teach your little treasure to swim!

Anonymous said...

The Nautical School looks pretty good from the website. He might enjoy it once he's there...!

Crystal xx

aims said...

I will use the words of my mother - MEN!

Rosie said...

Rather bizarrely I was asked what career path my daughter would be taking - and she was 4 MONTHS old at the time. I do not joke. She is 4 years old now also. In seven years time she will be going to the closest school I can find to a sunny beach in the Bahamas, where I too could learn to enjoy golf!!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

DD.....he can swim (after a fashion) it's just the terrible finality of it all!

CJ.....he's excited he's going "to be a sailor mummy"


Rosie....four months? how bizarre!

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