Monday, 10 March 2008

Friday: St Paul’s and the Globe

Although Lorna spent the whole day wearing dark wraparound sunglasses, she was surprisingly sprightly for someone who had spent the previous day “sleeping, chucking up, drinking some tea and chucking up some more”. Don, however, looked ever so slightly green around the gills after his binging on Ayres goodies. I felt everso virtuous as I whisked them into St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s a truly amazing, breathtaking place. The last time I’d been there was when I was about 12, with my History class and Lorraine Wilson threw my packed lunch to the pigeons.

However loud and boisterous you are outside (and believe me when I say Don is loud and boisterous) the second you step inside you are silenced, not only by the stunning architecture and attention to detail but the sheer spirituality of the place. I seem to have been on an emotional journey with nearly all of our visits, it’s very tiring! Into the nave and we could only visit one of the three chapels – there seemed to be some sort of service going on. Ironically enough it was All Souls chapel which pleased Don no end thanks to its connection to the First World War, as did the American Memorial Chapel. More carvings by Grinling Gibbons which had Lorna in ecstasies (but not enough to remove her glasses).

Not surprisingly, the Crypt had my spine tingling but I don’t think it was just because I knew I was in a crypt – I felt cold patches that Don couldn’t and whispery movement around me, combined with a sudden sick feeling and the need to burst into tears that heralds “something spiritual going on”. Standing by Nelson’s tomb I got an unexpected smell of brandy and checked to see if Don had done what he had threatened to do – fill dads hip flask to keep out the chill. The smell stayed with me as we stood by Sir Christopher Wren’s tomb and attempted to take a photo of Lorna. Of course, the camera wouldn’t work which is another pointer of spiritual activity. Don, however, insisted on changing the batteries in his camera which made no difference whatsoever. We retired to the Crypt Café for a quick cuppa and an early lunch before whizzing over to the Globe Theatre.

I have to admit that the works of Shakespeare have never interested me. Oh I read Romeo and Juliet at school and watched Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson in Much Ado About Nothing but, no… real passion for the Bard. This shocked Lorna so much I thought she was going to have a relapse. “But I thought all you English were so up on all this?” she gasped, clutching the railings for support. Well, at least I’m honest, I pointed out and led us into the Globe itself. I think, however, my confession spoiled things for Lorna so I was overly enthusiastic about everything but I did genuinely enjoy trying on a ruff and got so much pleasure watching Don attempt to put on some armour. The exhibition was very interesting and I’d recommend it – even if you’re not a Bard buff.

Guilt presents:
Pencils and a keyring torch for David, book and pens for Mac, raid on secret stash for dogs


Kelly said...

[whispers: I got married it St PAul's CAthedral. It's my favourtie place in all of LOndon.]

aims said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!

and Kelly - Wow!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Kelly - am jealous now, it's so beautiful.

Aims - I know! I know!

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