Friday, 21 March 2008


It's Good Friday, David is lying on the sofa clutching his head and groaning having arrived home at 1am this morning following "a few drinks with Neil and Marcus from the office", Mac is in Super Hyper Mad mode and is demanding constant attention, an activity of some sort and the chance to watch Happy Feet on "Sky mummy please, later". To fulfil the first two obligations we are making lots of chocolatey things for Sunday when we have the family descending for Easter tea. David has requested "a nice lemony tart thing like you made at Christmas", Bea has asked for "something with white chocolate" and Lydia doesn't care what we make as long as it's chocolate and there's lots of it. My antennae is twitching at this - I first knew I was pregnant when I ate three Mars Bars in quick succession - I hate Mars Bars. I'm making a tarte au citron for David to soften the blow - if he's going to be told he's going to be a granddad he'll need something to fall back on.

The kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it but smells lovely - I have to do it all today as tomorrow we're going to Rye to look at property. Only a little place by the sea for weekends (and David has stipulated that it must need "doing up" and "we're not going to rush into anything" and I'm not to get "too carried away") but still, all very exciting!


Kelly said...

I'm excited for you too, though if you moved on up round the coast a little towards Deal, we could be 'weekend' neighbours!!!

aims said...

Why do they make these stipulations? Why?!

You know what will happen - he'll fall head over heels for something and go all nutty over it!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Have I missed something... are you ...??

Mya said...

I don't know which I'm more jealous of, the tarte au citron or the pad by the sea. I'll take both please!

Mya x

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Kelly - I needed a lie down and a lesson in Estate Agent Speak!

Aims - there were, shall we say, discussions about our exact needs. Apparently, I don't need a swimming pool.

M&M - I meant with Mac! But if I start fancying Mars Bars again I'll let you know!

Mya - I took some with me. We needed the injection of sugar believe me!

Potty Mummy said...

So, how was the tarte au citron? And I don't suppose there's any left???

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