Sunday, 14 December 2008


The lovely Bush Mummy has tagged me to share my Festive Seven..........and here, at enormous expense, are my offerings!

7 things I must do before parents arrive - in this case my MIL
1) attempt to pass off Sainsbury's Christmas pudding as my own
2) put festive lights up at window
3) bulk buy Kalms and paracetomol
4) get rid of my cold
5) buy Amelia's present
6) clean out fish tank and rabbit hutch
7) clean oven

7 things I've been doing instead of preparing for Christmas
1) finding old books and re-reading them
2) worrying about what to buy for people
3) being ill
4) gossiping with Charlie
5) eating
6) watching films about Christmas
7) searching online estate agents for suitable holiday homes

7 things I can't do this Christmas.
1) be with my mum but she'll be with me in spirit
2) relax - my mother in law keeps me on my toes
3) eat what I want, when I want (mother in law)
4) watch Lassie (I'll cry)
5) play Monopoly (David is allergic to it)
6) have a lie in
7) go to bed early

7 Christmas wishes
1) a white Christmas
2) to miraculously lose a couple of stone overnight
3) a safe return for all of our armed forces fighting abroad
4) a new car
5) to have Christmas tree lights that don't conk out on Christmas morning
6) Amelia to lose her voice
7) that the turkey fits into the oven with a minimum of shoving

7 things I say as Christmas approaches
1) "Santa can see you, you know"

2) "if you're not asleep in the next five minutes I will tell Santa"
3) "Who's bloody stupid idea was it to make this sodding Christmas cake anyway?"
4) "I've bought a present for Mac/David/Charlie/Auntie Ivy but can't remember where I hid it"
5) "Oooh, hope it snows!"
6) "Where did I put the sellotape?"
7) "Ah, it's not Christmas until the Coke advert comes on!"

7 Celebrities I'd invite for Christmas dinner
1) Ray Winston - I could listen to him all day
2) Joe Swash - he could tell me all about the jungle
3) Beyonce - she could provide the entertainment
4) Strictly Come Dancing crew - but not Tess Daly or Arlene Phillips
5) David Ginola - just to look at
6) Davina McCall - just to sit her next to Bea and compare them
7) Brian Dowling from Big Brother 2 - he's lovely and he has me in stitches

7 Favourite festive foods.
1) Turkey
2) Brussels with bacon
3) Custard
4) Mince pies
5) Bubble and squeak
6) Chocolate brazils
7) M&S mini yorkshire puds with beef

I'm passing this onto anyone who wants to partake! Go on, it's fun!


Adventure Mother said...

Just imagine you ARE expecting those 7 celebrities for dinner and I'm sure you'll get super organised. I'm with you on the brussels - stir fried with bacon is good!

Bush Mummy said...

NMOO We can swap MIL notes on Xmas day. I'm gearing myself up for mine already..

Courage (said in French accent)

BM x

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