Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ladies Night

The girls are coming round tonight for a meal and a few drinks while David takes the boys out for a curry and some male bonding. I think we've got the better deal - it's peeing down out there and there's no chance of us bumping into boozed up lads in search of the perfect kebab in our comfy, newly decorated dining room.

So, Chez Moi ce soir.....the cast list: me, Charlie, Saskia, Eliza, Bea, Lydia, Janey, and Marjorie.

The menu....."nibbles", Roast Chicken with Lemon, Tarragon and Black Pepper with rocket and herb leaf salad and Jersey Royal new potatoes and to follow a Berry Pavolova: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and extra thick double cream (pause to wipe dribble from keyboard)

The conversation topics*: men, babies, family, organic vegetables, skin care regime, forthcoming holidays to Mexico/Maldives/Bognor, sex, divorce, shopping and the stresses of employing an au pair that has stopped eating you out of house and home and has discovered expensive pampering treatments and is now encouraging local youths to hang around the circular driveway dropping chip papers.

Am off to scrap my potatoes......

* likely


aims said...

I think I'd definitely prefer staying in a joining the bitch session.

Is scrap my potatoes the same as peeling them?

Elsie Button said...

Sounds fab! i am off out to meet a girl friend and we will probably cover all the mentioned - apart from she has an au pair and I don't, so during that bit i will sit their staring longingly and wondering if i can twist Tom's arm. i think not.

Why are you scrapping the potatoes? - what will you have instead?

DulwichDivorcee said...

Oh NMO, how can you talk of divorce without me? Feel quite bereft ....but have a lovely time!

Belle said...

how lovely! I went out with my NCT chums and we talked about

Christian Louboutin £400 shoes..
more schools...

fun fun fun

ps there has been a lot of Cbeebies today. mummy is very tired..

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