Sunday, 11 May 2008

Didn't we have a luvverly time?

I am more determined than ever to get a weekend place by the sea – we’ve had a fantastic day, even though Amelia was with us. We’ve been to see my Token Gay Friend Andy and his partner Adam at their holiday place on Pett Level and I didn’t want to come home. Neither did Mac who wanted to show Granny all the crabs and the dogs who are all beach bums.

And it’s no wonder, what with Andy being an interior designer and Adam Mr House Proud himself, that their house is absolutely fantastic. I wanted to pick up their cool white painted bathroom with its nautical/seaside theme and take it home. It’s put me in two minds about my own pink bathroom that I was just getting used to. “So you have a seaside theme but in pink.” Andy shrugged and proceeded to direct me to the best shops to look in. Mac found six pinky stones and a beautiful shell as a starting point.

We had our own little oasis on the packed beach – hot pink parasols and lurid lilac windbreaks marked our patch and the view was uninterrupted down to the sea that was in when we arrived and went out while we lazed. David kept muttering things like “oh, I could get used to this” and “aaahhhhhh, heaven” as he wriggled his toes on the shingle and peered out to sea like the sailor he is. I decided to use my feminine wiles while Amelia was back at the house “using the lavatory” and suggested that we extend our search for a house to the Pett or Winchelsea area. “Just imagine” I whispered into his ear “waking up and finding the sea on your doorstep”. His deep sigh suggested he already was – his mother thought I had suggested something else and decided that I should take Mac down to the sea for a paddle “to cool down”.

For once happy to do what she told me, off we went, Mac, myself, all three dogs and Andy – the sea at Pett Level really goes out when it goes out and you can wade in the surf for ages (watching out for muddy bits) without the water going above mid thigh. Andy and I had a catch up while Mac swam and the dogs tried to catch the waves.

I’m seriously in danger of having my head turned here but will be immersing myself in all things Nunhead this week as Mac has been set a project by the new teacher at nursery. Entitled, Where I Live, all of the children have to produce some pictures of where they live (cue mass photo sessions on Nunhead Green) and supply some words to go with it. Bless her, she’s extremely green and extremely keen but means well. Mac’s words will, he reliably informs me, will include “Mummy likes Ayres and so do I like their cakes”.

When I first heard about this on Friday during bathtime (Mac and I tend to have our most erudite and earnest conversations whilst bathing) he said “Mrs Fackers wants us to do it and there’ll be an exibishishon at the Mummy and Daddy Day.

I froze at this and then thought back to the letter that accompanied him on his return home with Amelia. It clearly said “Mrs Farqhuarson’s class will contribute to the forthcoming Parents Day exhibition”. Was so relieved.

Just off to register with some more estate agents!


Dulwich Divorcee said...

Oh, NMO, I do so recommend Winchelsea! Is just about the prettiest place in the universe, apart from Dulwich of course. We also went to Whitstable recently and it was lovely, very good coffee shop. Lucky you, what fun househunting, and you can leave the MIL tied up in the cellar in Nunhead! x

Kelly said...

Or perhaps engineer a boat-related 'accident', carrying on DD's theme...happy househunting! Let me know when the guest room's ready!

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