Monday, 28 January 2008

The Temporary Dubliners

They've arrived. Landed on time and in one piece but Amelia's ringing tones echoed across the sea thanks to good old BT "We had to get a coach to the hotel and it cost seven euros and it took ages and we went through lots of places that looked English. We could have been anywhere!" Quite how she expected to get to the hotel without the aid of a coach, and for free, is beyond me. As is the fact that she was no doubt expecting exotic landmarks when all she got was "lots of roads and houses and a sort of motorway!".

Still. I can breathe a sigh of relief that she's a plane journey away. Although it seems that our home phone has become the hotline to Dublin. She's been on Irish soil since half past 12 today and already we've had six phone calls. The first as above, the second and third at the hotel to let us know that a) her bedroom is lovely and opposite Margaret's and b) to let us know that the pelican crossing noise is different in Dublin.

The fourth call was a joint one with Margaret as they were walking through St Stephens Green on their way to the shopping centre, the fifth to ask me if David needed any new pants as there's "a sort of Debenhams equivalent here" and, half an hour ago, the sixth call to ask if it would be wrong to go for an Italian meal on their first night in Ireland instead of finding somewhere that serves "soda bread and colcannon".

We've got another four days of this.


Potty Mummy said...

I take it you told them it would be very wrong and that they are required by law to down 4 pints of the black stuff each? Which would of course mean you get no calls at all tomorrow as they will be recovering from their hangovers.

Mya said...

Ha ha ha!
That's a very interesting detail though, about the pelican crossings. I've never been to Dublin in my Liffey - but would dearly love to.

Mya x

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