Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Seven up

Mya has very kindly given me the topic for todays post as I'm feeling a little bit not with it today - I do hope that I haven't caught one of the many viruses currently galloping their way around my family and social circle. Just yesterday evening, Marjorie appeared on the doorstep informing me that "my Frank can't keep nothing down" which is enough to boggle the mind.

So, seven previously undisclosed facts from Yours Truly!

1. I look younger than I am – a friend of David’s thought I was “28, 29?” when in fact I’m in my thirtymumble year! Said friend of David’s is now top of my Christmas card list.

2. I hate offal of any kind – the mere thought of eating it makes my teeth curl up and die. Oh, and hummus makes me want to heave. As does pate….sorry, am I putting you off?

3. I have a “mischievous” sense of smell which makes me to go round the house saying “can you smell that, what is it, are you sure you can’t smell it” when everyone else is saying “I can’t smell a thing”.

4. I can’t eat or drink anything citrus based after 6pm or I’m up all night reading the words “Armitage Shanks” at very close quarters

5. When faced with a bag/handful of wine gums, I have to eat by colour and in colour order. Therefore, all of the green ones go first, then the lemon, then all of the orange, then the black, saving my favourite red ones until last. I can eat fruit pastilles willy-nilly.

6. I can’t wear yellow or rose gold jewellery at all – not because of an allergy but because I look like Queen Chav of the Chav People. And we’re not talking huge great swathes of gold around my neck, wrist and fingers either…..earrings, a couple of rings and necklace is enough to render me cheap-looking.

7. I’m a hypochondriac and a worrier, technically two facts but they are sort of one and the same thing - I was bitten by a farm dog when I was 10 and, having just read a book where a boy was bitten by a stray dog and ended up with lockjaw, I insisted to my beleaguered father that he rush me immediately to Kings College Hospital. After much muttering he did. We sat in A&E for two hours, in a cubicle for one hour ten minutes (even I was beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered) when a doctor appeared with my notes. From when I broke my arm the previous summer. And had had a tetanus injection.

I'd like to pass this onto the lovely Dulwich Mum, the fantastic Landcroft House (Three each and one for Scrap?), the wonderful Mary, the brilliant Debio and fab Kelly.


Mya said...

Thanks for playing, Nun - can I call you that? Seems a bit weird! I am totally with you on number 6 -one sparkle of yellow metal and I look (even more) common as MUCK. Ho hum...

Mya x

Anonymous said...

Excellent, not sure that it was supposed to be a good laugh but I did anyway!

The sense of smell thing sounds terribly interesting. If you lived in my house you'd be in your element with the different aromas that reach my nostril.

I loved the wine gums information. And I too am a hypochondriac and a worrier.

Crystal xx

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Mya, Nun's fine. Gives me an allure of purity!

CJ, it's a curse. Just this morning I had to check twice with David that there was nothing "off" lingering in the fridge. It smelt a bit suspect.....

Mary needs a cooler name... said...

I'm catching up on my essential reading before I go internet-less, so I'm a little late with this comment.

A good sense of smell means you're in good spirits. At least, people who are depressed have an impaired sense of smell.

The bad news is that if you ever take up work as a coal miner they'll send you into the mine shaft first as a canary. :(

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