Sunday, 27 January 2008


Since around 6.30am this morning I've been working myself into a frenzy of panic about my impending trip to Stansted with Amelia and Margaret tomorrow. Despite assorted useful tips and diagrams from my dad, Kelly, Charlie and David AND the fact that my sat nav is just sitting there waiting to be told where to go I'm still a nervous wreck. I think the fact that Amelia would castigate me loudly and on a loop if I got lost and Margaret would panic (the woman jumps at every noise and keeps asking "did you hear that?" - her nerves are shot to pieces) if we deviated from our route is only making me feel even worse.

So, you can imagine my joy when Jack Next Door offered to take the intrepid travellers for me AND collect them on Friday. In fact, if my husband hadn't been in the room with us at the time, I think I'd have snogged the face off him.


Mya said...

What a saint your neighbour is!
Do make sure he doesn't try to wriggle out of the pick up on Friday - by then, he'll know what he's in for!

Mya x

Kelly said...


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