Friday, 25 January 2008

Sighs of relief all round

My lovely (reconditioned, don't pay handset insurance, it's a waste of a fiver) N95 mobile phone handset arrived yesterday afternoon at twenty to five. Cutting it fine by any stretch of the imagination but, as I'm sure that the nice delivery driver knew nothing of my week of torment and threats, I made no comment save a nice long squeal when I opened the door to him. Poor man, he looked quite frightened.

David is happy that I'm happy again - he'd taken to hiding his all singing, all dancing handset for fear of rubbing salt into my wounds. The dogs are happy that I'm happy again - they'd spent much of the past two days tiptoeing past me and slinking away at the first sign of a raised voice. Mac is happy that I'm happy again - he snuggled up to me while we were having our post nursery cup of tea (he's very much into blueberry tea at the moment) and said "I like it when you're not shouting mummy".

So, now my family are no longer living in fear of me (and the call centre staff of my mobile phone provider are free from my increasingly ranty calls) we've all, collectively had a good day. Mac and I spent this afternoon getting muddy in the garden, David spent a productive day choosing new office furniture and the dogs have trailed mud through the whole house. But who cares?

I'm in a good mood and tonight we're celebrating with one of our "you can have whatever you want for dinner" sessions. David is having a full English breakfast (yes I know, I know), Mac is having his favourite homemade pizzas with baked beans (again, I know, I know!) and I'm having the biggest jacket potato I can find with cheese, onion and ham.

Ooooh, must dash, my phone's ringing!


Casdok said...

A new phone! How exciting!
Pizza and baked beans?!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Hi Casdok! Baked bean pizza! Pizza dough, tomato base, baked beans and a sprinklng of cheese and some "green bits mummy" meaning watercress. Very odd tastes my child.

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