Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A-Z of me

Me, me, me! Potty Mummy, you've started something now......I've jumped on the bandwagon too as I too love anything like this (ie sharing the ins and outs of my life with you all) and you're right, you didn't even have to tag me! A-Z is as follows:

A....Attached? To David. And wine gums.

B....Best friend......Charlie who makes me laugh when I cry and cry with laughter.

C....cake or pie? Cake. Or pie if it's cherry. of choice? Friday because I know I've got the weekend in front of me.

E....Essential item? Plural on this one I'm afraid.....lipgloss, Mac, David, my car, my friends, my family.

F....Favourite colour? At the moment, purple. Tops, trousers (no, really, they're nice), nail varnish.....I went for lipstick but it looked as if I was an extra on the Thriller video

G....Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears every time, I favour the red ones.

H....Hometown? London, born on the banks of the River Thames I was. Okay, okay, St Thomas' Hospital but mum could see the House of Parliament from her bed. If she leant all the way over to the right and lifted up a bit.

I....Favourite Indulgence? Hm. Too many to mention.....a bath with bubbles, glass of wine and a book. A cup of strong tea with two sugars in on a really cold day. Starbucks hot chocolate with cream and cinnamon. Packet of salt and vinegar crisps and a pot of garlic and onion dip.......I could go on. But I won't.

J....January or July? July. Not because I'm particularly fond of summer (I'm a winter-cuddle-up-and-get-cosy kind of gal) but I hate January. Detest it, in fact. It means that Christmas is over and I've got at least a month before all the flowers start coming up. I'm always the one, as the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, to be found complaining "Bloody January again"

K....Kids? 1 angelic boy (I am using this term loosely - he's been in bed since 7pm but keeps coming down for a drink/another story/a cuddle....David is up there reasoning with him)

L....Life isn't complete without? Me time.

M....Marriage date? November. I was aiming for a Christmas wedding but we couldn't find a reception venue that suited us so we booked the choicest venue a month early. It was so cold my Aunt Daisy got chilblains but, when they appear every year, she says it reminds her of our wedding. Nice.

N....Number of brothers and sisters. One sister, Bea, light of my life, the straight woman to my joker, seriously generous with everything she owns. And everything that her husband owns too.

O....Oranges or apples? Depends. Apples in the summer (Pimms), oranges in the winter (studded with cloves and baked in a low oven.....yum)

P....Phobias? Spiders and the dark - I leave the landing light on "for Mac" but I'm fooling no-one.

Q....Quotes? I'm paraphrasing wildly here but "It's not how we fall that defines us, it's how we get up". Or something like that. Oh and "I'll tell you this and I'll tell you no more" from Auntie Ivy who always goes on to tell us the original story and about a dozen after that.

R....Reasons to smile? David, Mac, the dogs, watching any bully get their comeuppance. Bad karma maybe but hey, it's always entertaining.

S....Season of choice? This one, autumn. I love it......the freezing air yet it's warm enough to go out without sixteen layers, bonfires (even in Nunhead) and Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas......

T....Tag 5 people. Okay, I'm with PM on this.......go on, you know you want to!

U....Unknown fact about me? Erm, I think I've pretty much shared everything. No, hold on.....I was one of the first of many to take the GCSE exams. By that I mean that they came "in" at the time when my predecessors had been doing CSE's and O-Levels. Me and five of my classmates got to hold up our work folders whilst sitting on the school lawn and grin at a phalanx (okay, two) cameras from local newspapers. It was only when the picture was published in the paper I realised I was flashing my drawers. Needless to say I've burned every copy I could get my hands on.

V....Vegetable? Broccoli. Yum. Mac calls it "trees"

W....Worse habit? Biting my nails, actually liking the taste of "No Bitee Nails" or whatever it's called and, erm, being, erm, indecisive.

X....X-ray or ultrasound. X-ray. All of the ultrasounds I've had have required a full to bursting bladder and then some joker comes along and pushes down on said bladder area really hard with a hard metal objecty thing. The trick is not to pee yourself. During month seven of my pregnancy I failed miserably and the green suited lady had to go and find herself some dry scrubs.

Y....Your favourite food? Chicken, roasted with lemon, tarragon, black pepper and garlic. I could even eat it on its own.

Z.... Zodiac sign? Gemini. Need I say any more?

Now, re-read T and go for it!


Potty Mummy said...

Good on you NH Mum, and loved this, espec your stories about flashing your drawers and forcing the lady in scrubs to find a new set. And will be trying that orange recipe. And finally (then I'll shut up, promise), go to U-tube, type in Ali in the Jungle (by the Hours), and listen to the words. They fit with your quote. Don't watch the video, that's rubbish.

Mya said...

Very enjoyable that! I'm such a nosey parker. Whenever I come and visit your blog, I always end up feeling peckish and have to go and raid the fridge. If my thighs get any more dimpled, I shall blame you!

Mya x

The Dotterel said...

Yes, you're right, I do... but I haven't got the time. Not this morning, anyway. Hey, but you missed a trick getting married in November - if you'd had the wedding in the middle of January there'd always be a reason to look forward to it!

nuttycow said...

Hey NR - what a great A-Z. Thanks for the link. Now I've found you I intend to visit often :)

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