Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Pretty in Pink

It's arrived. My prize, Much thanks to Dulwich Mum providing the caption competition to enable me to win my yummy picture from Porcupine Prints. It has, however, caused a few problems. Mac doesn't want it in his room, not because of the pinkness of it, but because of the "green cupcake issue". David thinks it should hang in the kitchen because of the "cooky type theme" or the bathroom because "it matches the walls". Janey wants it for Scarlett's room and had to be forcibly restrained from taking it off the premises and Bea has decided that she simply must get a similar print for "my precious angels" and requested the web address for PP. I'm getting a frame for it this weekend and then I shall take time in deciding where my "number 3 of 100" should be hung!


dulwichmum said...

Oh sweetie, you must surely agree that it would look simply divine in Freya's room and then there is another perfect print for Max's room too.


I feel a complete house make-over coming on... You know that my plantation shutters are frightful for letting heat escape and as I am set to become a "Recessionista" instead of a "Fashionista", the shopping opportunities abound!

I am so very pleased for you sweetie.

Mwah x

Nunhead Mum of One said...

I agree, it would look adorable in Freya's room but it's mine, mine, mine! Mwahahahahaaaa....that's my evil Halloween laugh in case you were wondering.

I must admit I did think "the master bedroom but the colour is all wrong, would need to redecorate and redesign"....haven't told David yet though, he already goes a funny colour whenever he catches me watching one of those home makeover programmes.

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