Monday, 7 July 2008

Doubling up

I do hope you all forgive me but I'm combining two posts in one - it's not because I'm lazy but efficient (honest) and there are some remarkable similarities towards both the award and the tag. Bear with me, it's been a bizarre couple of days (a whole other post to follow) and I'm craving sugar like you would not believe. I currently have a nice hot steaming cup of tea with - count 'em - three sugars. I never take sugar in tea. I think I'm missing something.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. The very fabulous Je Ne Regrette Rien awarded me this recently and I now have to 1) select five blogs that they consider deserving of the award. Criteria is creativity, design, interesting material, and for contributing to the blogging community in any language. 2) Include the name of the author and a link to the blog, for each award designated. 3) Award winner must display the award graphic and put the name and blog link of the blog author that gave the award 4) Include a link to the "Arte Y Pico" blog, in order to share the origin of the award.

Just as I was pondering this, as you do, the very lovely Millennium Housewife tagged me for providing a post that made her laugh and I now have to do the same: name five fave posts from five of my favourite blogs.

So I'm going to combine the two! Not only do I get to award five bloggers with the Arte Y Pico award, I also get to name my favourite posts from the same blogger.

Before you all lose the will to read on (I'm currently experiencing a sugar rush, David has just deposited two custard creams by my tea mug) here goes......remember nominees, not only do you get to display the award and pass it on, you also have to nominate five of your bestest posts from your bestest bloggers. Double whammy or what?

Okay......first up is the new yummy mummy Kelly with this post that made me laugh and want a baby shower of my "happy dances" feature in this household too! Kelly is what my mum would have called "a lovely young lady" and I eagerly await posts from her. A combination of moving, new mummy-hood and lack of broadband have all prevented her from blogging and I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
Second is Sharon who writes wonderful honest posts all about her weight loss journey - an inspirational read that rings so many bells with me I feel like I've got tinnitus. This is my favourite post from Sharon - it was hard to choose.

Next up is Working Mum with this gem of a sounds oh so familiar. Mac is convinced that it's not the dodo that's extinct, it's Frodo. Working Mum is someone I aspire to......yet am convinced I come up wanting. And I'd kill to sing in a choir but have been told I have "no idea". Hm.
Fourthly (!) is Potty Mummy at The Potty Diaries.....again, so difficult to choose my best post as I was spoilt for choice but I had to go for this one because a) it sounds oh-so familiar. Mac now has black-out blinds at his window: it was the only way to stop him waking up even earlier than the lark. Potty Mummy juggles two small boys - I don't know how she does it.

And last, but by no means least, is Mya (Missing You Already), technically she's already been given the award by Je Ne Regrette Rien BUT as I was laughing out loud at this post (and the comments it provoked) I just had to, ahem, give it to her again. You'll understand my turn of phrase when you read this. Mya writes posts that have you rushing towards the end of them before going back again and reading them properly.
So, I hope you have enjoyed my choices........and enjoy choosing your own!


Working mum said...

Thank you! It's so exciting getting an award isn't it? I'll add it to my list of things to do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I will have to think over night about who I want to pass the award onto. I am just about to post my next general weekly update blog so will stick with that for today, but look into the award thingy Tues or Weds.


Millennium Housewife said...

Oh dear, I feel like I have set you homework, which to be fair I have so crack on with it girl and don't forget to brush your teeth after all that sugar.... MH

Je ne regrette rien said...

You can also proudly display the ever so artistic award badge next to your already burgeoning collection in your sidebar, if you so desire. You are one smart cookie, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak!

Potty Mummy said...

Thanks NH Mum! And there was me wondering what to post about...

Just one question, though. Why is the comment you made re my blog linked to a photo of Frodo? I prefer my men a little taller...

Kelly said...

A yummy mummy- you flatter me!! Thanks for the tag/award...I'm in need of something to lift my spirits! Tune in for more antics now that the Broadband is finally up and running....

Nunhead Mum of One said...

working mum.......I love awards!'re welcome :-)

MH....teeth brushed after the sugar rush that had me cleaning the kitchen at ten to ten that night!

JNRR...have added it!

PM....glad to be of service......and have removed Frodo from your link! I blame the sugar.

Kelly....glad you're back!

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