Monday, 4 February 2008

Picture perfect

I have a wonderful man, it’s official. He’s not at work today but went out this morning on a mysterious errand, with a smile on his face. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it (can’t think why, I moan about everything else going wrong!) but my digital camera decided to go on the blink last weekend. With two brand spanking new batteries nestling in the battery compartment, the “replace battery” light flashes incessantly. Four different sets/combinations of batteries later I gave up the ghost and checked the guarantee. Which expired at the end of December. Isn’t that just typical? After a consultation with a camera-fixing place they informed me that to repair it would cost more than I’d paid for the camera in the first place.

I’m lost without my camera which is silly really because I don’t use it as much as I should. The ideal thing to do would be to illustrate this blog with my own pics rather than typing the words “A21 road sign” into Google and picking the best picture. Not that I’d go all the way to the A21 to take a picture for my blog but I could certainly use it to take pics of other things. And then I could begin a picture library and be one of those annoying people who go round snapping at everything. Or, maybe not. Certainly with my forthcoming Tour Guide duties coming up I’ll need a decent camera. But one that is less….fiddly… use. My now defunct camera took so long to upload pictures after following a ridiculously longwinded procedure that it was easier to Google and forget the home-grown pictures altogether. Apart from that one that’s appeared at the top of my blog – but that took me five minutes to sort out. All of this has been discussed at length over the past week, websites visited and “ease of use” instructions compared.

Anyway, to get back to today. My morning, after I’d taken Mac to nursery, was taken up with listening to what Marjorie got up to with her surplus of Ann Summers goodies and a Barry White soundtrack over the weekend. Hair curling stuff indeed. I then rang David to a) find out if he would be back for lunch and b) to see if I could work out where he was. He said that a) he’d be back at 2pm and b) it was very noisy. Hm.

Anyway, 2pm arrived as did my husband, grinning from ear to ear. He’d been, he said, “shopping”. I then started thinking thoughts along the line of “oooh, Valentine’s Day presents!” which made me grin a fair bit too. We had lunch and then retired to the living room for the three quarters of an hour we had before Mac had to be collected. “Oh, I nearly forgot!” David said as I fulumphed down onto the sofa along with Junior Dog. “Here…..” he said, handing me a glossy bag containing a square box containing this.

My squeal of excitement far exceeded Frank’s alleged bellow of delight when he saw Marjorie’s goodies. I clutched the camera and my husband alternately and immediately got down to reading the instruction manual whilst gabbling my thanks and planting kisses on David’s still beaming face.

“And no, this isn’t your Valentine’s present….that’s still to come.” He said, picking up the paper and flicking it open.

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful man? And that he knows me so well?

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