Wednesday, 12 September 2007


I feel like I'm living in a Carry On film. I'm Barbara Windsor and David is Kenneth Williams, Marjorie Stewart is Hattie Jacques and her husband Frank is Sid James. We had double entendres, saucy comments, a few utterances of "ooh, Matron!" and an assorted cast which included Ruby Over the Road playing the Joan Sims role.

David and I both attended The Avenue Tenants Association meeting tonight thanks to Saskia's insistence that she wanted to be out of the house because her incredibly dull boyfriend kept ringing her and she didn't have the heart not to answer the phone and she'd keep an ear out for Mac in between ogling England footballers. David had been playing golf today and was complaining of a sore shoulder "due to all the swinging I've been doing today". Frank choked on a mini sausage and Marjorie came over all unnecessary and insisted on hearing more. David dug himself in deeper, despite my shushing him. "It was really hard, I kept going up and down and my arms were aching so I got one of the boys over to carry it for me."

Of course, he was talking about the rather hilly golf course that he and Matthew found in Surrey and he had to ask one of the gofers at the club to carry his golf bag.

Frank and Marjorie didn't know that and were appraising me thoughtfully. And they've invited us to "drinks and nibbles" on Saturday night. On the way out of the house, Jane Opposite thoughtfully offered to babysit Mac as long as I came straight over afterwards to tell her what happened.



Anonymous said...

Keep them guessing.

Crystal xx

Kelly said...

You have an award!

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