Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Random acts of niceness

It's been a lovely day Chez Moi today - proof that the milk of human kindness is not only out there, but it's flowing and plentiful. It's a week now until our Street Party and things are, shall we say, a little fraught. I've not written much about the party on this blog because, quite frankly, I'm up to here (gestures to forehead level) with it all. Suffice to say we've got about fifty chickens being roasted and only one bowl of rice and a tray of roasties to go with it. A quiche is out the of the question and, although Marjorie is whipping up several Dundee cakes, a severe lack of desserts are in the offing.

But, all of a sudden, the offers of help are flowing in. Scary Bloke with Rottweiler has offered his services as "bouncer" and also "humping stuff around". Amy and Martin On the Corner borrowed their mum's Macro card and went shopping for all manner of disposable cutlery and plates. Tabitha from Flat A has offered her boyfriend as the DJ, complete with decks. It finally feels as if we're all pulling together. But will it last? And you watch it pee down!

Jack Next Door took in a parcel for me this morning whilst I was out with the dogs - David's surprise just-because-I-saw-it-and-thought-you'd-like-it present arrived from QVC - a mini circular saw. Don't ask. He wants to get back to his "carpentry" and is going to build all manner of furniture items over the winter and fell in love with this gadget during a recent Sunday morning viewing of "DIY at 10". Bea has requested a pine spice rack. Anyway, I've unwrapped the parcel and left it on his armchair for him to discover when he gets home. Just imagining his glee is leaving me with a glow and making me want to do a little dance. Then, thinking that Mac might be a bit put out if daddy has a present and he doesn't, I went into WH Smith and bought him that DVD that he's been asking for. An I-know-you-want-this-so-thought-I'd-surprise-you present which is now sitting on his bed waiting for him to discover when he gets home from his tea at Ben's. Then, on my way back, I popped into Pets At Home to get goodies for the dogs, the rabbit and the goldfish. They had theirs straight away, all three dogs can smell a rawhide bone at twenty paces. I feel as light as a feather and keep hugging myself with smug glee!

It's true what they say: Tis better to give than to receive.


Anonymous said...

Yes it does feel good doesn't it. But it's jolly nice to receive too! Hope everyone likes their presys. I'm sure the dogs were happy enough.

Crystal xx

debio said...

Keep hugging yourself - you have no idea what joy it will bring to all the recipients; an unexpected present is just the ultimate. My husband is so good at this - makes me smile for days....

Silvana said...

Ahh! I think a little trip to Dr Boo with the joint account card is definitely due. I'd recommend the travel tins of Dr Hauschka and the Blinc mascara - unsmudgeable and stays on for days!

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