Saturday, 8 September 2007


Not such a bad day today. Amelia wants a new "three piece suite" so we spent the morning trailing round DFS and Furniture Village insulting all that they had to offer. Amelia did the insulting, Mac and I did the trying-every-seat-in-the-place thing whilst David pretended not to know any of us. I fell in love with a leather corner sofa that was so deep my feet didn't touch the floor. Mac wanted the wooden giraffe ornament from Furniture Village and was building up into a good old tantrum because I said no when Amelia pronounced all of the suites on offer as "uncomfortable, like sitting on yours" with a pointed look at me. As I am inordinately proud of my sofa and wonderfully marshmallow like armchairs I huffed off to the burger van parked outside and ordered a bacon baguette. Annoying Amelia ("is she happy eating things from vans when she has no idea if they have a toilet and handwashing facilities") and a bacon sarnie - my Saturday wasn't going too badly so far.

Bea rang just as we were heading home - she'd wanted to know if i would book Enormous Au Pair a riding lesson (Bea has enrolled EAP on Weight Watchers, booked five weeks of aqua aerobics and bought a stairmaster - more to follow) to see if the horse could "gallop some of the weight off her". I advised Bea that the stables were closed today as they were all at a horsey event in Gloucestershire but that I'd do it on Monday. Bea seemed quite miffed at this "but what am I going to do with her, she's eaten four crumpets and half a pound of butter for breakfast". I left my sister gnashing her perfect teeth in leafy Dulwich and tuned into the conversation that Mac and Amelia were having behind me. "Granny has never seen Titanic mummy!". I expressed minor disbelief at this. "She hasn't seen Finding Nemo either mummy!" he added but this time with a hopeful note in his voice. Amelia, slightly miffed that her role as film buff was being attacked, retreated into a sulky huff.

"After dinner mummy, can we watch Finding Meno (my baby still gets that wrong sometimes) and then Tanic (sometimes that too)?" After a glance at David, I agreed we could. Mac then proceeded to summarise both films : "Meno gets lost and meets a shark and big fish called Doris (it's actually Dory) and a lady and man kiss - yuck - and it sinks". Amelia said she was looking forward to them both and would buy the popcorn. I made David stop at Sainsburys before she could change her mind.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I like the sound of Enormous Au Pair.
Could you post a picture of her?

Omega Mum said...

Squashy sofas invariably create getting up problems - I'd avoid the marshmallow ones. Age and short skirts are your enemies here.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Amelia might sink away into a squashy sofa. Just a thought. Sorry.

Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

How restrained of you - if my mother-in-law came to stay and made me go sofa shopping it would be more than a bacon sandwich I would need!

Gwen said...

Mothers are bad enough doing sofa shopping with. In laws seem to be worse.

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