Thursday, 6 September 2007

Hot in the kitchen

Despite looking like a Rambo-follower in his bandanna and his sweaty hair and manky trainers, Marco Pierre White has entranced me and am addicted to Hell's Kitchen on ITV. I much preferred it when Jean Christophe Novelli strode around the place, smouldering and brooding. I also quite like their food too!

I've vowed that this autumn I shall get busy in the kitchen and cook more adventurous food than my usual "safe" receipes. I've done it before (my January shopping budget went sky high!) and had a whale of a time. I've cooked recipes from White Heat and also Your Place or Mine. I've dipped into Nigella's Feast (oh, the Chocolate Malteser Cake!), Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Italy and Anthony Worrall Thompson's Weekend Cookbook and have just discovered The Saturday Kitchen Cookbook with my all time favourite TV chef....James Martin!

Do you have any favourite receipe books I should take a look at?


Georgie said...

Loving Hell's Kitchen too. At first I though MPW was just playing up to cameras (like so much reality TV) but I think that's for real.

Come on the girls!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Hi Georgie....don't think I'd like to be in his bad books!

Anonymous said...

cook books- Family food by Silvana Franco of Landcroft House blog, and anything by Nigel Slater.

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