Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Lookie Likies

Saskia rang me this morning and asked me which famous person I thought she most looked like. What a dilemma: if I chose someone she deemed as “ugly” I’d never hear the end of it. So instead I asked why the hell she wanted to know. She’s joined a head hunting agency – to be hunted, not to do the hunting. She’s fed up with working for the well known high street store and wants to spread her wings. She’s got a 12 page questionnaire from the agency full of questions including “if you were a fruit, what would you be” and “if you were a superhero, who would you be and what would be your powers?”. And of course the question that has caused all the consternation: “Which famous person do you most resemble?”

Saskia is petite, dark haired and extremely pretty but for some strange reason all I could think about was how much she resembled my hairdresser Amanda who is, sadly, not famous. “Some people have said Courtney Cox Arquette” she said hopefully. I could hear her trying to coerce me into agreeing with her. I didn’t. She has a Cox Arquette vibe but not entirely. “Nigella Lawson?” I ventured. The sucking-in-of-air told me she was not best pleased. “In what way?” she screeched. I admitted it was mainly the hair. To soothe ruffled egos I agreed that Ms Cox-Arquette was probably the closest match. She hung up quite happily.

Then David rang to see how I was. I asked him the same question. “A sexier Kate Winslet” he said without hesitation. There are many reasons why I love this man, this is just one of them. Lydia thought that I had a whole “Liza Tarbuck think going on” and that she herself most resembles “that woman off the BT ad”. Ruby Over The Road thought for a while and said “a bigger Felicity Kendall” and was convinced she’d be a very good double for Gail from Corrie. I asked Charlie the fateful question when she rang to confirm our plans for tomorrow. She groaned and asked if I’d been talking to Saskia. Charlie had apparently told Saskia that she looked most like Lesley Joseph "as she is now" and had the phone slammed down on her before Charlie could tell her “when I was in John Lewis the other day, some guy swore blind I was Abi Titmus”.

So my dear friends, who do you think you most look like?


Kelly said...

In the past it was Drew Barrymore. Someone at a wedding this weekend said I had Kate Winslet's lips (wonder how she's coping without them!)Having spent the whole day frantically cleaning and getting house ready to put on market, I mostly look like Kathy Burke a la Harry Enfield!!!

rilly super said...

that wom,an of the BT ad? Are you sure she didn't mean Maureen Lipman...or Busby?

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Kelly - surely not! Can't imagine you as a Waynetta!

Not sure Rilly, she did say the one that was in Queer as Folk - Ms Lipman wasn't in that was she?

Omega Mum said...

'If you were a fruit, what would you be'? For God's sake - and I thought Francis was having a tough time. I'd be something very, very bitter. And tough. A lemon with a shotgun?

Gwen said...

In my dreams I am any number of sexy glamorous actresses but in reality I'm probably more Julie Walters (albeit a lot younger) than Nicole Kidman.

Kelly said...

Oooo- have given you an award. Read more a la blog...

Nunhead Mum of One said...

OM - it's ridiculous the humiliation these people put you through. She's completely exhausted by the questionnaire.

Gwen - Julie Walters is lovely. Nicole Kidman is too skinny!

Kelly - what can I say? xxx

mutterings and meanderings said...

I never had you down as a blonde. We live and learn.

I used to get 'a young Marianne Faithfull'. It's the long blonde hair.

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