Sunday, 1 July 2007

Concert for Diana

My one hundreth post which I think is fitting as today is the day of the Concert for Diana. Charlie is one of the lucky ones - she's there as I type, no doubt trying to break into Take That's dressing room!

I'm not claiming to be a great fan of Diana - she was just "there" as I was growing up but I never really took a great lot of notice of her and what she did. I gawped as she walked the landmine strewn field in Angola, I watched her bedazzle in whatever outfit she wore and was overcome as I saw her reach out to those people with AIDS.

I can remember the day she died as clearly as if it were yesterday though. That heavy feeling of disbelief, not leaving the television in case I missed something, my tears as her coffin arrived at the airport. The funeral struck a chord with me too and what did for me was the card on William and Harry's wreath - it simply said "Mummy". Ten years ago this year. What was I doing ten years ago? Where has the time gone?

Her boys have done a fabulous job in organising the whole Concert for Diana extravaganza - it's been amazing to watch and it's not over yet. I'm looking forward to the Andrew Lloyd Webber medley and I loved Duran Duran (not so sure about Orson though, not my thing) and rocked to Joss Stone! David complained about the noise and headed upstairs for a bath.

Nelly Furtado sang two of my favourite songs, this one and this one. I'd have liked this one too but I'm guessing Justin and Timbaland were busy!

And has anyone guessed that I've just worked out how to use YouTube?!?!


Anonymous said...

I think she was stunningly beautiful and a credit to the country. I didn't take much notice of her either to be honest but I always loved seeing her pictures.


Gwen said...

I remember being quite upset when she died. She seemed to be willing to try to do a lot of good and I think that she had it hard in the Royal Household.

I'm very impressed that you have figured out You Tube. I'm having problems with my PC and it just doesn't "do sound" at the moment. Perhaps once that is sorted I will be able to experience You Tube and work out how it works for myself.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Have to say I've not been watching the concert - not my sort of music, on the whole, and the Hickstead Derby was on the other side!

Kelly said...

Couldn't be arsed to watch, (but remember exactly where I was- I do every year on the anniversary) but sounds like I was the only one...the concert had more viewers than Live-Aid!

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