Monday, 10 November 2008


All is chaos in the Nunhead Mum household. Amelia, who was staying this weekend, decided that Mac was of an age to learn that Santa doesn't exist. I think he drove her insane worrying about the possibility that He wouldn't be able to land on the roof if Marjorie got her way with her blow up sleigh. She didn't actually say that he didn't exist but skirted round it before saying "Well, he won't be visiting you anyway" which is far worse because Mac spent the whole of Saturday demanding to know, alternately upset and angry, why Santa won't be coming "haven't I been a good enough boy mummy?". We managed to talk him round and give Amelia a bit of a tongue lashing which sent her to her room at ten past five on Saturday - she didn't put in an appearance until the start of the Rememberance Service on Sunday and even then she looked rather shamefaced.

The dogs (Junior in particular) got into their food cupboard this morning and have plundered not only their supply of Bonios but their Christmas Pets At Home advent calendars. Junior ran around the house clutching his and making excited squeaking noises. I managed to get a pic (above) before I removed it from his drooling jaws. As I type, Senior Dog is lying with his head against the cupboard in case it "pops" open again. It's my fault. It's a tricky door, you have to lift and pull hard to open it and then lift and shove to close it, usually with a sharp hip movement. As I was entranced with a squirrel doing a fandango in the garden this morning I failed to do the shoving.

David, on hearing the news of a wayward cupboard, went to his "workroom" (shed) and came back with some sandpaper and a screwdriver. He fiddled with the door for five minutes, got bored and promised to "get a man in".

So. Tomorrow after school, Mac and I are writing our letters to Santa. Mac's Christmas list comes straight out of Toys R Us with a bit of Argos thrown in for good measure. Mine can all easily be purchased from here or here and I plan to drop a huge hint for a little something from either here or here. "Do we put them up the chimelly mummy?" Mac asked as I tucked him in tonight. He was fighting to stay awake and squinted at me in the half light. "No darling, we'll post it on the way to school on Wednesday" I said, making a mental note to put my list under David's pillow......

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