Thursday, 14 August 2008

Ladies wot lunch

Me: where shall we meet for lunch?
Lydia: Not sure, where shall we go?
Me: The usual? Harvesters?
Lydia: No, am off salad carts
Me: Okay then, Nandos? The one in Lewisham?
Lydia: Erm no, Matt and I were there on Saturday and he insulted a waitress by calling her “waiter”
Me: Right, the Greenwich one then?
Lydia: Don’t know how to get there and then I’ll panic and probably have the baby early because of the shock
Me: Drive to me then and we’ll go in my car
Lydia: Okay then. Oooh, no, hold on. Do you know what I really fancy?
Me: I dread to think
Lydia: Chinese! Haven’t had Chinese for ages!
Me: Right. Hong Kong City?
Lydia: Nope, that place gives me the heebie jeebies
Me: Okay, how about the one in Greenwich? The buffet place?
Lydia: What, the one in Sydenham?
Me: No, the one in Greenwich on the one way system
Lydia: I thought that was Thai?
Me: No, it’s Chinese
Lydia: Okay then, sounds good.
Me: Are you coming to me first?
Lydia: Would it be too awful of me to ask you to come and get me and then run me home again? I’ve got terrible wind
Me: Okay, will get to you by about half 1
Lydia: Can you make it later? I’ve got a doctors appointment at 12 and won’t be ready.
Me: Isn’t your doctors still in Dulwich?
Lydia: Yep
Me: So you’ll be over here anyway, can’t you come onto me after you’ve been to the doctors?
Lydia: Oh yes. Sorry, blame my pregnancy hormones. I’ve spent all morning watching BBC2 because I’d picked up the cordless phone instead of the remote
Me: Right, so, ring me when you’re leaving the doctors and I’ll be ready
Lydia: Tell you what, I don’t really feel like going out
Me: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay……
Lydia: So I’ll ring you as I leave the doctors and you can go out and get a takeaway
Me: Why can’t you bring one in with you?
Lydia: Cos I really, really can’t face food right now.

I’ve paraphrased the whole conversation but you get the general idea……I had soup and sandwich and she worked her way through a packet of ginger nuts.


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

You're some patient friend. "can you come and get me, I’ve got terrible wind?" Eh?

Millennium Housewife said...

Pregnancy. The only time you can get away with being a bit rubish. MH

aims said...

So much for the indulgent lunch out with a friend....sigh.

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