Monday, 2 June 2008

Lord Ray of Winstone

I salute you. He can strut around in doublet and hose shouting at ladies in crinoline. He can carve people up and put them in a meat n potatoe pie. He can stare moodily as he walks through London's mean streets. He can even munch on that bloody cereal. Whatever he does, he does it with style and..........sigh.......he's lovely.

BBC2, 9pm, tonight. Have got a steaming cup of coffee, a bag of Minstrels and I'm ready.

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Anonymous said...

I think like a lot of fat men he can look OK when wearing make up and shot from a flattering angle (and if having lost 10 lbs before filming) ... but I saw him interviewed "au naturel" recently and he looked like a hideous, bloated, fat jowled lard arse and was suddenly a lot less appealing!

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