Sunday, 29 June 2008

Head for the hills

Janey has been on the phone a total of six times today asking me questions along the lines of "If the quiche is cooked the day before will it still be safe to eat?" and "What gas do we need to make the balloons float up to the ceiling and stay there? Nitrogen?". She is of course planning her one year anniversary party - the anniversary is tomorrow ("Never thought we'd get there to be honest") and the party is this coming Saturday in the same church hall that they held their wedding reception. My contribution to "the party of the year" is merely as guest but I did put her right on what gas to use. Could you imagine? They'd have to rewrite the A to Z.

I've spent today hiding from the Stewarts and Belinda Hall - the opposing armies have been up and down The Avenue, gathering supporters and running errands for the neighbours. Jane Opposite texted me the following "If leave a bucket of water by cars wonder if they will fight over who will wash them". I replied "worth a try" and considered leaving a garden fork out in the front garden just in case one of them fancied doing a bit of digging. Jack Next Door caught me in the garden while I was waiting for the beef to cook - he looked a bit worried. "That Belinda Hall women asked me if I needed any shopping doing.....she's two years older than me!"

Oh, and I've got this song going round and round and round my head. Bea says it's my own fault for not listening to Radio 4.


david mcmahon said...

Glad you told her which gas to use!!!

Working mum said...

Aaargh! Now it's in my head. If you'd listened to Radio 4, you'd have heard me singing this morning; much more soothing on the ear!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

David.....I think everyone has me to thank!

Working mum.....Bea did in fact hear you and castigated me loudly because it was "beautiful and uplifting, far better than the dross you listen to"

Bush Mummy said...

Oooh I LOVE that song.. thanks for telling us who it's by.. might have to iTunes it.


aims said...

I'm totally entranced by the sage in the street!

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