Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I can't escape it any longer, I have to bite the bullet, brace myself, gird my loins and just......give in. TANA are meeting tonight and, having avoided the last.....oooooh, nine meetings I've run out of excuses. So, at 7pm I shall be sitting in Frank and Marjorie's overstuffed, overly stuffy living room, surrounded by chintz and knick-knacks and bewildered neighbours. I've ensured that Jack Next Door, Ruby Over The Road and Jane Opposite will be suffering with me. Agenda items include summer outing, littering, parking issues and newsletter. If I stay awake long enough, I'll report back!


Working mum said...

Sounds like neighbourhood watch, but without the police scaring you witless about conmen and burglers!

Anonymous said...

Do they know you write about them so lovingly? ;-)

Hope you managed to stay awake!

Je ne regrette rien said...

hmmmm... hopefully nine meetings away was enough to dull their memories on the DCAO role ~~ erghh, you poor dear ... I detest HOAs (what we call them here) and the never ending whining and petty report outs. Make yer hubby go, these sorts of things are supposed to be assigned to them!

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