Wednesday, 22 August 2007

An update...

I've been taking stock. Stock taking if you will. I've got little or nothing, once I return from holiday, to occupy my mind. So I've done something that I never thought I'd do. I have agreed to organise The Avenue's Street Party on the last Saturday of September. Frank Stewart was so pleased he kept stroking my arm and Marjorie looked on like a mother hen, clucking happily from her armchair. I've told them that they've done more than enough for The Avenue (a Lottery sweepstake, a darts team, a well kept front garden committee and a "let's all recycle everything" drive to name but a few) and that I'd handle the party all by myself. I have plans to rope in Jane Opposite and Ruby Over The Road as protection. Frank has offered himself in an "advisory" capacity and told me, with a wink, that he knows someone who can get bunting at "cost".

Today I've been washing, tumble drying (hardly the weather for drying clothes!) for our holiday next week but am in a quandry as to what to take. Summer clothes and hope things improve? Winter clothes with the likelihood of sweltering as the country enjoys a "phew, what a scorcher!" week? The dogs need their own transport, what with their food and baskets etc, David is beseeching me not to over-pack because he has to "watch Marissa's suspension" and Mac is debating whether or not to take his body board or "buy one when we get there mummy". Hm.

Cousin Janey has recovered from The Wedding and the honeymoon and is, as she put it, "up the duff!" She's extremely pleased about this and the official story is that she's "not that far gone" but in reality the shameless hussy was two months pregnant on her wedding day. And she wore white! Auntie Ivy is fighting two emotions: joy at having her first grandchild and shame that technically the baby is "a little B". She was here when Katie rang me during her first crisis of the day (she has roughly three a day but so far they haven't necessitated me doing anything more taxing than sympathising down the phone) - I handed the phone to Janey and continued with my ironing. The two are now firm friends and are "going to Bluewater" on Friday.

Bea, Stephen, Caitlin, Ian and Enormous Au Pair are heading to Disneyland Paris for a long weekend tomorrow. My precious niece and nephew are very keen on meeting Goofy and Co whilst Enormous Au Pair has downloaded all of the restaurant information from the official website and will be forsaking Donald Duck for Dunkin Donuts.

I am going to my school reunion on Saturday - it's the day we get back from Hamble le Rice so I've already told Trudy that I won't be staying long. She gave me a minute by minute taster of the schedule - it's going to be like being back at school, all timetables and no dawdling in the corridors. Saskia has promised to come with me "for a laugh". To get in the spirit of things I've done as instructed and have dug out some old pictures of my school days. My hair! My attempts at putting on make-up! Photographic proof of my (failed) needlework project! We had a term to design, cut out and make an item of clothing. I chose to make a batwing (so fashionable!!!) blouson. My measurements were wrong naturally. The left arm wouldn't contain my own precious limb and the right arm would have contained the limbs of myself and three classmates of my choice. The body was ruched where I'd caught the thread and the whole thing resembled something that a member of Human League would wear.

"Have you still got it?" Saskia snorted as she pored over my childhood memories. I threw the damn thing away (complete with blood stains from jabbed fingers) the minute I received a "D" for it but a "C" for effort - it wouldn't have even made the grade in my mum's duster bag.

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Silvana said...

Blimey, I remember making my own batwing top too, in luminous pink. Shocking! Enjoy the reunion!

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