Saturday, 25 August 2007

As Cliff would say....

....we're all going on a summer holiday! The car is packed, the dogs are following us around the house in case we go without one of them and Mac has decided to take his body board rather than "buy one there mummy". I've packed for sun, rain and the cold. We stupidly did a full shop instead of essentials-and-go-to-supermarket-when-we-get-there and need that roof rack after all. David is insisting on driving although I can "drive it at some stage during the week, I promise".

I've just done the Lottery online, shut and locked all of the windows, moved Becks the rabbit and Goldie the goldfish next door and into the safe hands of Jack Next Door along with several hundred weight of carrots and lettuce and, quite alarmingly, a tub of fish balls. Leaving Jack rubbing his head and saying wryly "I didn't know they had any", I fell over Junior Dog who was tracking my every move while Senior Dog sat slap bang in the middle of the hallway and Middle Dog spent his time running from one room to another.

We're off! If I can find internet access, I'll send you a postcard! Have a good week.


mutterings and meanderings said...

Have a good 'un m'dear!

Gwen said...

Have a lovely time. Hope the sun shines

Kelly said...

Spitting with jealousy, but hope you have a splendid time.

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