Sunday, 27 December 2009


Time woken by husband on Christmas Day: 4am with the words "did I lock the back door?"
Time woken by son on Christmas Day: 5.35am with the words "he's been mummy!"
Number of times Amelia/Bea/Ivy asked me why I cook my turkeys on Christmas Eve: in total, around nine times. That's at least three each.
Presents received: numerous
Useful presents received: a few
Unwanted presents received: one, it's brought me out in a rash, I never learn
Number of times aged family members asked me the name of Bea's niece: seven
Number of times aged family members loudly called her the wrong name: numerous
Number of official glasses of wine imbibed: one
Number of unofficial glasses of wine imbibed: a bottle-ful
Number of times Amelia called Mac spoilt: every time he opened a present, therefore around 30
Number of times my back went up during the day: back was permanently up so exact count neglible
Compliments on food received: many, except from Bea's sister-in-law who found fault with everything including the light switch in the toilet
Family rows: three. One involving me and sprouts with Auntie Ivy, one with Janey and Bea's sister-in-law after Bea's sister-in-law called Scarlett "attention seeking" and one with Bea and Ian when Ian refused to eat his carrots. We got away with it I feel.
Number of times Bea's sister-in-law asked if it were "hygienic having those dogs in the house": countless
Number of times my beloved hounds "purposely" paid attention to Bea's sister-in-law: all day long, it was great
Number of massive shocks: one
Number of weddings I have been asked to arrange: one
I hope your Christmas was as merry as mine!


Gaymosexual said...

Wow it sounds like you had a really adventurous Christmas. I take it next year may be a scaled down affair after all that effort.

I got a turkey crown from the butchers on Nunhead High street and it was delicious, couldn't believe the crowd in there on Christmas Eve though when I collected it.

I hope your New Year is quieter (if you want!)

merry Christmas

The Merry said...

Dogs are quite hygienic in the house -- especially during the holidays. I mean, if you happen to drop food on the floor you want it cleaned up right away, don't you? Sheesh.

aims said...

I'm with The Merry - although I don't have any dogs but we do have visiting ones this winter.

Was with you all the way until the wedding thing. Is that a Christmas thing I'm missing out on or something?

Working Mum said...

So who's getting married, Bea or Ivy? He he he!

Next time, don't invite the oldies, they only enjoy Christmas when they are spoiling it for everyone else. My MIL even complained that I'd bought a hand reared, hand plucked Gressingham goose rather than a Tesco turkey! I ask you!

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