Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Turkeys purchased: two
Collection date of turkeys: tomorrow
Reasons why Bea is no longer hosting Christmas Day: plentiful (and verging on ridiculous)
Guests for Christmas Dinner: 22
Number of guests I do not personally know: 3 (Bea's sister in law, her husband and child)
Number of chairs currently in house: 6
Number of chairs to therefore source: 16
Number of people to offer chairs: 0
Number of times David has said "why are we doing this?": too many to contemplate
Presents wrapped: 4
Presents still to wrap: unsure, David currently locked away in bedroom with sellotape, gift tags, wrapping paper rolls and multiple paper cuts
Cards written: all except David (gold star for achievement)
David's "helpful" suggestions: lots
Number of David's "helpful" suggestions put into place: two (both involve his mother and are in the whole Keeping Her Away From Me area)
Last minute Christmas shopping purchased: sending David out to Sainsbury's in the Bleak Midwinter at 2am tomrrow morning
Festive thoughts from self: minimal
Family row: brewing
Number of times Auntie Ivy has expressed dislike for sprouts: 7 and increasing
Number of sprouts Auntie Ivy will find on her plate if she doesn't stop it: at least 12
Number of bottles of wine in utility room: 8 red, 8 white, 2 rose
Number of bottles of wine hidden for Cook's Treat: 1 red, in cupboard with Comfort and Ariel liquid
Presents still to buy: something for Bea's sister in law, husband and child
Helpful suggestions thereof from Bea: none
Number of suggestions thereof from David: one very good one "just get them a big box of chocolates to share"
Details of defrosting times for pork joint: unknown
Date and time of Amelia's arrival: 24th of December at approximately 9.17am
Date of my certain meltdown: 24th of December at approximately 9.20am
Number of times Mac's face has lit up whenever he hears the words "presents", "Santa", "reindeer" and "Christmas Eve": countless
Thoughts that this is therefore all worth it: growing


Domestic Goddesque said...

And they say Christmas is all about family.......good luck!

rosiero said...

2 am in Sainburys is a good idea. I went there at 11am this morning and it was mayhem.

Annie said...

Don't get your Ariel and Comfort mixed up with the wine... I did laugh at the amount of sprouts for Auntie Ivy is she doesn't stop.

Sounds like you're almost ready... for that bottle of wine

aims said...

How many times have I said it? Better you than me girl!

Merry Christmas btw!

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