Monday, 13 April 2009

Tune in my Head: 1

I can't get this song out of my head.....I didn't see the spectacular performance on Britain's Got Talent but I've seen and heard all of the soundbites since. I've seen Les Mis about, ooh eight times, and spend roughly 85% of each performance in tears. This isn't my most favourite tune from the show but Lordy, I've done nothing but sing it!


The Dotterel said...

'The Glums' is certainly a great show. We took Sally (it's her second-favourite musical evah, after 'Annie' which she adores and has worn the binary from the DVD of) to London to see it a couple of months ago. She does a mean 'Castle in a Cloud' too!

aims said...

I'm not even going to see what tune you're talking about. I hate singing the same song over and over. I HATE it! Drives me bonkers and believe me I don't need any help there.

Anonymous said...

I love that song too. I saw the performance on Britian's Got Talent and was blown away. It was incredible. Check it out on YouTube, I'm sure it's on there somewhere.

linny said...

I don't like musicals; have never seen Les Mis, but this was an amazing performance of a beautiful song. I cannot stop listening toi it..Facebook, You Tube. Sky+, I just want to hear her sing.

Incidentally, If you can't get it out of your head it's called an 'earworm'.

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