Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oh my!

Forgive me for this slightly self-indulgent post but I just have to tell you that I appear in the list of Top 100 UK Parent Bloggers - now, how did that happen? And at number 38!

Like Married With Four, I'm surprised (but highly pleased natch!) that I'm even on the list. I haven't quite worked out the technicalities - believe me, that will take a little while due to the fact that I'm not technical - but wow! All this plus, MWF is back, back, back and I've found some new blogs to read and follow!


The Dotterel said...

Oh, NM1, there's nothing to forgive. I hesitated for, ooh... two minutes before blogging about it. Congratulations!

Claire said...

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Potty Mummy said...

I was similarly confounded - haven't blogged about it yet as I don't quite know what to say. And must admit I'm more than a little nervous about becoming a slave to the list, I know my weaknesses and forsee myself checking it monthly, agonising over placement - because it's bound to go down and... Oh. There's my next post, then!

Dulwich Divorcee said...

Isn't it exciting? And I'm so glad you've posted about it because now I can too! x

aims said...

Now why am I not surprised! You rock girl! You really really do!


Anonymous said...

Lets raise a glass of something nice and bubbly and toast everyone in the top 100 x
Had to come back now didn't I?

Anonymous said...

I know, I saw you yesterday! Wifey pointed me to it and I think it's a great idea.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Well done! I've seen a few of these posts recently. I managed to sneak in too, down at the bottom, I've no idea how. You've reminded me to go and re-visit the list and discover some new blogs.

Tracey TalkingTots said...

Thanks for blogging about us - Talking Tots put the list together as a way for all of us to find more great parenting blogs.

We had such a great time reading your blogs, so hopefully the list will become a way for more readers to find you, rather than another thing to worry about! (although we do that too, checking our blog stats, ooh, about every 10 minutes?)

Happy Mother's Day!

Tracey Park

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