Friday, 9 January 2009

Beyond cold

Our boiler expired at ten past eight tonight with a thud, a clunk and a prolonged hiss. David informs me that it's "buggered". We have fan heaters all over the house so it sounds like a jumbo jet is about to land. I am wearing tracksuit over pyjamas and have towelling bath robe on. David is dressed in about sixteen different layers topped off with Amelia's Christmas jumper (it's got gigantic robins in it, it's homemade) so he must be cold. All three dogs are sharing one basket and keep fighting over the fleeces.

Bea has offered us sanctuary but we can't leave the dogs and Bea is "unhappy" about the idea of them wandering in and out on her parquet flooring. Charlie has offered to come and "lift our spirits" by bringing hot water bottles and a few bottles of the alcoholic variety. Frank and Marjorie, on hearing our plight, have offered us a paraffin heater (treacherous with Junior Dog skittering about). I'm chain-drinking Galaxy hot chocolate so the healthy eating plan has gone for a burton and all I can think about his apple pie and custard.

It's cold and its miserable and we're unlikely to get a plumber round until mid afternoon and will then have to pay weekend rates. But then, having watched the Anne Frank Story on BBC1 all week and the the documentary that followed it on BBC4......I think we're all very lucky.


Bush Mummy said...

OHMIGOD you POOR things..

Sending you warm thoughts from W12.. hope you get it fixed very soon.

Stiff upper lip and all that!!

BM x

The Dotterel said...

Didn't dial 999 did you?

nappy valley girl said...

Much sympathy, Nunhead Mum. We have been cold here too - and have just discovered that the upstairs expansion tanking wasn't working, which is why the radiators weren't working.....

But, as you say, we are all lucky compared to some. You just have to watch the news about Gaza at the moment....

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Yes, freezing our bottoms off here in Henley as well.

I dressed the kids in ski suits and we had fondue for dinner.

rosiero said...

OMG that Anne Frank documentary on BBC4 had us here all weeping. You are right, we are soooo lucky not to have gone through all that. Sorry about the heating. Why do these things always pack up in bad weather??

Working mum said...

Oh, this was me this time last year. It took ten days before the plumber could fit a new one and cost us £1800. I invested in numerous hot water bottles and took to my bed most evenings. Hope it's sorted out soon!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

We need a part. That the man can't "even begin to source until Monday".

BM....stiff upper lip and lots of hot chocolate!

The Linda Lusardi story made so mad!

Nappy Valley Girl.....we're so lucky compared with other people, I know....we're safe, with loved ones and so on. Even though I've been shivering since Friday its from the cold and not fear.

Susanna....we've been bulk buying soup and I've made a curry for tonight!

Roserio.....I think it's called Sod's Law!!!!

Working Mum....the call out charge was £90! £90 for a man to turn up, look at the boiler, suck his breath in over his teeth, say "ooooh, yep, it's gone" and then inform us he MIGHT be back on Monday with the required part. He was on the premises for five minutes, if that!

Gaymosexual said...

I have a spare halogen heater you guys could have if you are still cold...

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