Thursday, 25 September 2008

Forward planning

I'm making this for Charlie's birthday party (Saturday).....but am going to jazz it up a little. To say she's excited is putting it mildly. Mac's excited too, he and David are heading over to Matt's house for a Boys Night In. "I've packed mummy" he said to me this evening as we had a our nightly catch up during bath time. "I've put in some clean pants and all of my Bob the Builder DVDs!" David and Matt are in for a wild time. So am I. Bea is bringing "mucho pink fizz darling", Janey and Lydia will be bringing their respective bumps (and a myriad of pregnancy horror stories no doubt), Saskia has promised to regale us with Tales from the Check-in Desk and the Birthday Girl has just rung to ask if we're dressing up. "Of course we are!" said I. She's now raking through her wardrobe, having a clothes crisis.

I'm doing my signature dish (well, they seem to like it) Lemon and Thyme chicken with "distressed" new potatoes (just whack them about a bit), salad and some couscous. I've not attempted the latter before but it's the only thing that Lydia can stomach at this current time. "I'm living on the bloody stuff. Don't half make me go you know". "Just buy it already made" said Saskia this morning when she rang to ask if I needed anything. "More time" I muttered having just realised that tomorrow is Friday, the party is on Saturday and I've done no cake making, no shopping, no tidying, no.......nothing.

Still, I have got a fantastic dress to wear!


Potty Mummy said...

Lovely dress NH Mum. As for the couscous, couldn't be quicker or easier.

Buy any old pack of dried couscous, allow 50 - 75g dried weight per person, then add the same amount in millilitres + 50 of veg stock made with just boiled water (Marigold stock always works for me). So, for 200g couscous, add 250ml veg stock. Cover the bowl with a plate, leave for 5 minutes, fluff up with a fork. Add salt and pepper, and a generous drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste, and then whatever veg you fancy. (I use finely chopped red pepper and tomatoes, avocado and whole black olives.) If you have the time and the inclination add toasted pine-nuts and freshly chopped coriander. It also works well with roasted veg if you can be bothered...

aims said...

Yes indeed - a fantastic dress! But you're telling me you 'dress up' for girl's night in? Wow! That idea might give me a chance to change out of my sweats and into my spikes. How unique!

Oh wait - I guess I'd have to have some girlfriends - right? Dammit!

Merry said...

You whack poor innocent defenseless potatoes? Vegetable Abuse!

Do you need a special Potato Whacking Tool for that? :)

The dress looks lovely, the party sounds like fun. I'm just feeling a bit sorry for the spuds ;)

valley girl said...

Clean pants and Bob the builder DVDs are ALL that a little boy needs on an away day. That's one good thing about boys, they don't care what clothes they wear. Unlike us. Good for you with the fab dress.

Mya said...

Have a fab evening - I'm confused, you won't be watching Bob The Builder DVDs will you? Are they 'special' ones for women? You know, Bob, wearing just his tool belt and helmet, winking into the camera? Enjoy!
Mya x

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