Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Decoration decorum

Joyce at Number 2 has put her Christmas decorations up already. As usual, she waits for the day after Bonfire Night and then goes tinsel crazy. The paper chains are up on the ceiling, the star shaped Christmas light is in the master bedroom window with a flashing Santa in the spare bedroom one. The Christmas tree is up and this year she's gone for a snowflake theme.....the door wreath is bigger than the door itself and foliage keeps getting shut in the hinges - it's already attacked the postman.

Marjorie is very disappointed in this - I think she wanted to be the first Avenue resident to go festive. "No-one told me about Joyce at Number 2" she huffed at me when we met up in Ayres. "She's famous for it" I laughed, requesting an apple pie. "At Mermaid Court, we always had ours up by the first of December and we were always the first. There my Frank would be, with his cherubs and his tinsel - he loves doing the Christmas decorations." She seemed quite sad as she picked up her crusty cob and sniffed "I shall have to see when Frank wants to get his up. He won't want to be beaten on his decorations!" She rallied at this point and swept out of the shop, nearly tripping over old Mrs Mellish in her invalid carriage.

The War of the Christmas Decorations has begun.


Kelly said...

That's too funny-nothing like a nosey neighbour scorned. You really do live on the set of Keeping Up Appearances. I always thought that it was bad luck to deck the halls before December 1st....or maybe I came up with that so people didn't forget that my birthday comes first!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that's rather sad! There's a couple of houses near my mum's who always put their decs up way too soon. I wonder they don't get fed up with all the mess.

Crystal xx

Kelly said...

Knowing how much you love being tagged, I have tagged you. Feel free to ignore my request, but if not, I look forward to learning more about you!

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