Thursday, 4 October 2007

A day with the girls

I've been to Bluewater today with Charlie, Janey and Janey's friend Serena, ostensibly looking for cool clothes in Baby Gap (Janey has taken to walking like a duck, sticking her bump out and theatrically clutching her back and groaning lest anyone think she's just "fat and not up the duff") but in reality searching for the PERFECT pair of boots, the PERFECT nail polish colour, the PERFECT coat and the PERFECT snuggly, cosy dressing gown. Janey wanted the boots ("just because I'm with child, it doesn't mean I can't wear heels does it?") and we went into every shoe shop before we found a pair that were deemed suitable. In the very first shop we went had gone into.
I found the perfect nail polish colour -three of them - in Boots at about half eleven whilst Serena perused the chill cabinet for "a snack" which she ate whilst gazing moodily at Charlie as she perused Next for a coat. Charlie found one eventually (via the costume jewellery stand) and whisked it off to the checkout till, even as the words "but it looks like something a general would wear, all you need are a few fake medals" dying on my lips. She shot me a withering look and stroked the coat lovingly.

In we went to Evans next and found a dressing gown that Serena said "would do for now". Personally, I wouldn't buy anything costing twenty five quid just because it "would do for now" but hey, each to their own. Lunch in Ed's Easy Diner - a burger each and we shared some chips and onion rings. Janey is "eating for two" and so is indulging in "non healthy stuff every now and again". She had two bites of her burger, three chips and two onion rings before declaring herself full. Ketchup covered, we headed back to Janey's Focus. Which wasn't where we left it.

Five minutes of panic ensued before we realised that we were in the wrong place, the car was where we left it, skulking next to a concrete pillar by the entrance to Marks and Spencers. Where Janey had parked it because "we'll all remember Marks won't we?".

There's nothing like a shopping trip to cheer you up is there? Janey was giddy with happiness at finding her boots, I was painting my nails different colours (heeding Janey's warning that if I spilt any I was "deader than a doodoo") as we headed down the A2 and Charlie was clutching her Next bag as if her life depended on it. Even Serena admitted that she was looking forward to dinner, a bath and then test driving her dressing gown in front of The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle.

Hm. Wish I'd bought those jeans I saw now.......


Anonymous said...

Great blog, very funny.

Made me remember when I was carrying Amy and did just the same thing by walking like a duck so people would realise I was up the duff, rather than a fat pig, which I am anyway !!

Crystal xx

Omega Mum said...

OMG. So my marriage, on the basis that 'It'll do for now,' was, by your criteria, not very well worked out? Back to the drawing board.

Nunhead Mum of One said...

OM - marriages are nothing like dressing gowns - dressing gowns keep you warm, enable you to snuggle up on cold nights, protect your virtue when there are wandering hands and scare off the milkmen - snap decisions about the buying of them should NOT be made.

Husbands, on the other hand, are a different matter. I decided to marry David (before he'd even asked me, or in fact, though of asking me) because he knew how to work my coffee machine.

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