Sunday, 1 April 2007


David's away today and tonight - he's at a financial shin-dig today (start of new financial year blah-de-blah) in Tunbridge Wells and is popping in on his mother in Sevenoaks on the way home for her world famous Roast Chicken and Three Veg (dried old bird, wrinkled carrots, manky sprouts and sodden broccoli.....don't get me started on her bullet-like roast potatoes) and an overnight stay in the narrow single bed of his childhood. Amelia did invite Mac and I but I couldn't cope with a ten hour lecture on how peaky David's looking, how his shirts aren't as Immaculate As His First Wife Used To Do Them and how Mac is so out of control he should expect an ASBO any minute.

Please note that I am no longer biting my tongue where Amelia is concerned - I'll take the risk that every piece of electrical equipment in the house packs up and dies. Ggggrrr.

Anyway. To console Mac on the departure of his beloved father I had planned a fun day. We took the dogs up to Nunhead Cemetary this morning and told spooky stories all the way round. Mac was fine, I jumped sixteen foot in the air everytime one of the dogs emerged from the undergrowth. We came home for breakfast (bacon sandwich for me with rind and Coco-Pops for Mac who promised not to tell daddy) and had a chat with Lydia who was going out to lunch with Matthew. Again. We haven't had a chance to flaunt this burgeoning relationship in front of Mike, the Harlot or Mike's mother but we're working on it. Mac is enchanted that Lydia is seeing his big brother for lunch and asked to join her. Lydia (she's getting used to humouring my son) promised to take him next time. Little does she know that my son has the memory of an elephant and has mentioned it precisely four times since. Still, I'm pleased for her. And Matthew. And Mac, they go out to some swish places these two.

A good morning in the garden - Mac gleefully pointing out that "nothing has died yet mummy!" while watering rather too enthusiastically. All 3 dogs are soaked. A nice afternoon watching Ice Age and Ice Age 2 - me in tears for most of it, Mac patting my shoulder while handing me wine gums and tissues. Roast beef for dinner, Mac helped me, mistaking parsley for rosemary but hey ho, he needs to learn his herbs. I asked for two cloves of garlic and got two bulbs. No dessert today because - gasp - we've got chocolate for when we're watching Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Mac loves Emmerdale for the animals (not that we see much of them since Matt went and therefore stopped going "up to t'top field to see to t'sheep") and I love Coronation Street for its humour. Seriously!

So, chocolate. Mac has his favourite Buttons and, as a special treat, a Chomp. I've got a Lion Bar and - for when Mac's in bed and I'm flicking through the movie channels - Galaxy. Yum.

Whatever happened to Picnic bars?

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