Thursday, 22 February 2007

Farmer Mac

Preparations for Mac's birthday outing to the Hop Farm are gathering pace. The birthday boy is almost beside himself with excitement and is crossing each day off his specially made calendar before bedtime with something akin to hyperactivity. Conversations with my son now include comments such as "cow pats are just poo mummy", "will I be able to cut the wool off the sheep?", "can I drive the taractor" and "how are baby chickens made?". Well, you try explaining a chicken's sex life!

His actual birthday, 1 March, is almost forgotten in his excitement. I've told him that those of his friends that are still actually speaking to us (about 6 have come round my way of thinking) will be coming along to the Harvesters with their mothers. We've abandoned the idea of McDonalds in an everso mature "yah-boo sucks to you losers" dig at the bitter and twisted mothers....ggrrr.....rant. Sorry. Harvesters it is. With the "all you can eat from the salad cart" promise and their gorgeous Kickin' Garlic Chicken. The only problem is, Mac may have gone everso slightly vegetarian since I told him that the mince in the Shepherds Pie I made on Saturday contained, what he could only describe as "moo-cow". He was confused, then apoplectic. "Are you making me eat cows and chickens like they have on farms?" he demanded. I couldn't lie to my son. He took this information to his father who patiently explained that some animals are just made to provide us with food. Once we got through to him that any animal he sees at the farm (including the llamas) will not end up on his plate the following day he calmed down. He didn't eat the Shepherds Pie, I had to scrape the mash off and just give him that. Every meal time since then has been an experience, let me tell you.

Everyone is looking forward to the outing - mum and dad are scouring weather forecasts, Bea is buying designer farm wear at a vast rate of knots and Charlie has already programmed the journey into her sat nav. His birthday presents include some wellies and a gigantic stuffed collie dog and Eliza has promised to make him a farm themed cake. Let the celebrations commence!


dulwichmum said...

At least Mac will eat vegetables - you lucky girl!

Scruffy Mummy said...

I so relate - my 2 year old has recently gotton obsessed with Chicken Run and asks to watch 'Chickens' constantly. So tonight, I was like, come on Sam, Dad has made chicken for din-dins, come and get it - he gave us the oddest look and then refused the food. Then luckily gave in but I said to my partner we'll have to make up a new word for chicken - any ideas gratefully received!

Silvana said...

The farm is such a good idea! I've got a third birthday coming up and a bunch of little boys really need space to run around. If only I planned it better and organised a summer birth we could have had a picnic, as it is, I've got no idea where to hold it. Hope the farms' great!

dulwichmum said...

I am thinking of you sweet heart. Whenever you return, we are here waiting to hear. Poor lamb.

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