Monday, 19 February 2007

Birthday Boy

"Darling, you'll never guess what!" My sister Bea rang just as I was sliding a chicken into the oven. "It's Ray Winstone's birthday today!" she continued in an excited tone. Nothing to get excited about you may think but, to my sister and I, Lord Ray of Winstone is the absolute bees knees, male totty wise. Short of suggesting we bike round a birthday card (with personal greetings from us two) to his home (not that we know where it is, lawyers please take note) I did the next best, grown-up thing. I squealed!! Bea squealed. Mackenzie squealed purely because his cold is getting better and he sounds less like he's on forty B&H a day.

Ray Winstone. Ever since I saw him strut his stuff as Henry VIII I've been hooked. I watched him in Arthur with the (be still my beating heart) ever so slightly sinister Clive Owen. When he had his own show on ITV, Vincent, Monday nights became sacrosanct and even David knew not to bother me for an hour and a half from 9pm. Hell, even that bloody cereal advert has me glued to the screen. I don't know what it is. No, scrub that. I do. It's his voice, his demeanour, his eyes, his........okay, I'm in serious danger of gushing here so I'll go and baste my chicken. After I've rung Bea to check if she's tracked the birthday boy down.

Sigh......I wish!

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dulwichmum said...

I love that man, he is the sexiest beast alive. OHMYWORD! I must go and herald the day of his birth on my blog too dear sister......

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