Sunday, 28 February 2010


It's been a trying time for me. I've not been well. It's been well documented (not on here, obviously, as this is the first day for ages that I've felt able to sit at the computer/laptop without recourse to self diagnosis on the NHS Direct website.....I have all of the illnesses listed under A, D, F, K and S. Or at least I think I do.)

Well documented in that all of my family, friends and neighbours have an opinion on what ails me, what could cure me and what I should steer clear of. My GP, bless him, has diagnosed "stress". Well, give that man a bloody orange. Stress!!!!! Why didn't I think of that?

I laughed when he told me what he'd concluded. I even underlined his diagnosis by having a rant, followed by a little sob, followed by Lovely Loretta (receptionist extraordinaire) having to carry me out to the waiting area and feed me tea and ginger nuts until I was calm enough to walk in a straight line.

Stress. Now I wonder how that came about?

Amelia (chief cause of stress) wanted to come and "look after me" the week before last. I clutched David warmly by the lapels and said "If she comes within fifty foot of me you, matey, will suffer as only I can make you suffer". He went green, phoned his mother back and....guess what? She hasn't darkened my doorstep. Result. Bea's reflexologist went away, almost in tears after I failed to relax under her ministrations. Apparently I'm the first failure she's had since she started officially as a freelancer. The stress counsellor I visited (at Bea's insistence) made me want to hit him which did wonders for my stress levels but, according to my darling sister, he found me "interesting" and "wanted to dig more".

Seriously though. I am better than I was. My blood pressure has returned almost to normal, I can now watch programmes without sobbing into a cushion when Bradley Branning dies/a lion cub loses her mother/Del Boy's granddad dies/Manuel's pet rat has to leave Fawlty Towers/there is a sell out of an item I really want on QVC. And David can now utter the words "oh, we're out of milk" without me beating my chest and wailing "woe is me" - I'm over exaggerating. Slightly.

I was (surprisingly) calm and relaxed on the anniversary of my mum's passing. However, the day after was spent either in tears or ramming Haribo into my mouth. It's been a trying month to say the least. But I'm back. A few pounds lighter, along with my hair which I've had blonded as a "treat" and ready to take on my bit of the world again.
I just need to get my bearings and visit you all for catch ups.....please bear with me!


The Merry said...

Welcome back! You were missed.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Sorry you have been poorly. I loved the bit about "clutching David warmly by the lapels".

nappy valley girl said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds as if you need a good holiday!

I must say, everyone in the UK seems most stressed out by the death of Bradders. Who knew he was so popular?

aims said...

It's that time of the year girl - February blues (even though it's properly March). So Feb Blues + Amelia - no wonder you're 'stressed'!

It's okay NMOO - it's allowed. Good cries are good cries. Reclining on the couch with your hand on your forehead is totally dramatic and appealing - especially is you are still in you pj's. Okay with a satin wrap on top.

I hope your lovely doctor suggested Vitamin D and Vitamin B Stress Complex. They are lifesavers - true - not even gabbling on this part my dear.

I can relate - believe me. If you need to chat - email me. I'm a great listener and have been there done that and gone back again and again.


Lynda said...

I had to google Bradley Branning - you really have been unwell haven't you! If you do this cleverly I think you can avoid Amelia darkening your doorstep until at least July - a case of the vapours and the threat of a relapse should do it and more clutching of the lapels "warmly" would be the icing on the cake.

Mya said...

Very pleased you are feeling better - don't try self-diagnosis online - that way lies madness and sleepness nights filled with terror!Is Bradley Branning a politician? I have no idea who he that a bad or good thing?
There is nothing like a haircut/colour to lift one's spirits. Onward and upwards my dear Nun.
Mya x

Nunhead Mum of One said...

Merry....thank you!

Addy.....I do that a lot!

Nappy....sadly I missed his funeral, I hope it was suitably Stenderish!

Aims....thank you thank you thank

Mya....onwards and upwards regardless of the hitches (see next post!) x

Lynda....she was expecting an invitation this weekend but I had "an attack of the vapours" and she remained at home!

Locksmith Sussex said...

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