Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stocking Fillers

I've decided to be fabulously retro this Christmas and give everyone a stocking for Christmas morning - big ones for the children and smaller ones for adults. Genius idea non? I used to love my stocking when I was a kid. It used to nestle alongside my brand spanking new annuals at the end of my bed and always contained a satsuma, some chocolate coins and a Terry's Chocolate Orange. Life was so much simpler then.

Christmas stockings, like party bags, have gone Grown Up regardless of your age. The last birthday party Mac went to was talked about for days purely on the basis of what the partygoers found in their party bags when they got home. Gone are the cheapo bits of plastic, friendship bracelets and mini packet of Haribos. Mac received a bar of Galaxy, a badge making set, an initial key ring (!!!) and a cuddly toy that I know retails at £10.

Anyway, I've returned to my favourite ShinyShack website for fun stuff and will be buying, amongst other things some massage socks for Bea (those killer heels are taking it out of her), one of these for Janey and a little monkey for little monkey Freddie.

For the smaller items I've got my eye on a whole host of these and one of these for David.

I'm also getting this, this and this for my own stocking - well, I can't be the only one left out can I?


Millennium Housewife said...

aaarrgghh! (oh how satisfying to leave your finger on one letter and let it play out). I've been waging a one woman war on party bags. Mac's bag must have cost about £12? Per child? What are we settting them up for?
My philosophy is to let them enjoy the party in your indoor pool, eat the caterer's delicious food, watch the Hollywood star entertain in an entertaining manner and let them leave. An added £12 per child? That would mean we couldn't have afforded George.

"The" Merry said...

I've decided to be fabulously retro this Christmas and give everyone a stocking for Christmas morning

Oooooh, yes, please! I have been very, very good this year. I would like a stocking very much.

(And whenever I was naughty, I was reliably informed that it was very, very nice, so I don't think that should be counted against me in any way.)

aims said...

I am totally amazed at what people are doing to children these days. Yes - what are they being set up for? Disappointment? Peer pressure?

Ah well - I don't have any children - why am I worrying about it?

As for your stocking choices. MY GAWDS! What odd and unusual stuff you have in the UK. I bet you I couldn't find such 'great' stuff over here!

btw - I made stockings for everyone in the family. Now I must make one for our house guest we have this winter. I'm wondering if I should make one for each of his dogs as well. Hmmm.....I wonder where my sewing machine is.

dulwich divorcee said...

Loving your festive new frontage! Excellent

Anonymous said...

I feel guilty now, I haven't bothered with stockings for years, don't think my little man has ever had one!

Annie said...

I've always done stockings for the kids, but make a rule of spending no more than £2 per item (I'm a skinflint lol)

Thanks for the link to shinyshack, I didn't know it existed, but have now bought an inflatable zimmer frame as it's my hubby's 40th birthday on sunday (gotta love my sense of humour) and a one million pound note so that he can't say he never has any money.

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