Friday, 18 September 2009

Birthday Planning

I'm a more mobile today which is fortunate as it's Charlie's birthday bashette tomorrow and, if I'm to be the Hostess With The Mostess, I need to do it without hobbling. She doesn't want a fuss, bless her.

Guest list: her, me, Saskia (if she can finish work in time), Janey, Bea, Lydia. The Boys will be sent to Janey and Darren's house for the duration.

Present wish list: "anything pretty, sweet, girly, practical, functional, smelly, useful, interesting, wacky, random or amazing"

Party menu: "nothing major" then, 24 hours later "can you do your garlic chicken thing? And that nice malteser cake thing! Oh, and I've got a real thing for smoked salmon at the mo, so some of that? With cream cheese and lemon and, oooooh, some of those king prawns and that spicy thousand island dressing?" and then half an hour later "to go with the chicken can you do some proper jackets, like bake in the oven from scratch deal rather than nuke in micro for ten minutes first?"

Drinks: "if I can sleep over on Saturday anything alcoholic" and then ten minutes later "do you still have all those cocktail ingredients? Shall I get some? we can have cocktails and get Bea drunk!"

Specialist decorations: "balloons! Wouldn't be a birthday without balloons!"

I'm so glad she doesn't want a fuss!


aims said...

Remembered that you were practicing with malteser muffins.

Hope it goes well and remember the ice - for your leg.

Domestic Goddesque said...

Not a BIG fuss then?

Merry said...

Peeks her head in, sneezes at the dust, then heaves a deep sigh

Nunhead Mum! You doing okay? Did the burglar get you or have you been swept off your feet by a tall handsome stranger who promised you a tour of the Mediterranean on his yacht, sipping champagne and rubbing elbows with the Best People?

(Actually that sounds kind of interesting, so if that's indeed the case, please do spill the juicy details ;)

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