Sunday, 9 August 2009

Oink oink

Things I have eaten today:

  • bacon sandwich
  • half a packet of blackcurrant fruit pastilles
  • slice of watermelon
  • punnet of cherries
  • six murray mints
  • three custard creams
  • packet of Cheese and Onion McCoys
  • sweet and sour chicken and rice
  • some of David's chicken with mushroom
  • a nectarine
  • a slice of toast with honey
  • two digestives
  • slice of (cold) cherry pie
  • a banana
  • half a Twix
  • three Rolos

I'm comfort eating. My pride and boy has all but left home. Deserted us. Headed for the hills. Preferring the company of others. All this has conspired me to feel as useful as a knickers on a halibut and a Failure As A Mother. Amelia claims she "saw this coming" and is crowing that she was "right all along". This was all said to David natch and relayed to me with weary resignation but I'm all for ringing her up and demanding to know exactly which bit of witchery she is using to back up her wild claims.

After his long weekend away with Ben and his parents (which was supposed to end on Monday but some how stretched to Wednesday) he returned home to ditch his dirty washing, elaborate on the delights of Camber Sands "we saw a big crab mummy, huge. It was dead though" and sift through the invitations for the remainder of the week. I'm exaggerating slightly on the last claim - I felt honour bound to give him his options for fear that if I didn't those people doing the inviting would either feel miffed about the lack of RSVP or grass me up to my child and he'd hate me forever.

So. Thursday he went to Legoland with Queen Bee Mummy, six other children and three au-pairs. On Friday he had the morning at home before heading to Bea's for an afternoon of puppet making culminating in the Dulwich Puppet Show on Saturday morning. Back home for a quick bit of fatherly bonding whilst watching Millwall play Southampton while I fretted at the kitchen table that I was either a) rearing a child who was so confident and so at ease in all manner of different situations that he was happy to leave me or b) such an awful Shouty Mother that he was desperate to get out and experience Nice Mummies - Queen Bee Mummy is, apparently, "booful and smells nice".

Today he has been resting for tomorrow he's heading to Diggerland with a host of chums (another outing organised by Queen Bee Mummy) and which is somewhere he "alwaaaaaaaaaays" wanted to go yet somewhere I have neglected to take him.

I feel like a spare part and have been repeatedly mentally slapping myself around the mush for feeling this way. "You should be pleased he's not a Mummy's Boy" David pointed out to me earlier. I am. I think. No. I am. And I'm not worried really, just mithering for the sake of mithering. David, however, is panicking somewhat. He was talking to Matthew just before I dived into the fruitbowl this evening and came off the phone looking a tidge green. "Darling, ahahahahaha! Matt's just said something realllllllly funny! He said that I'd better watch you don't start getting broody again now that Mac isn't a baby any more! And that you might want another one to fill the gap!!!! Isn't that funny? Darling? Hahaha? Funny yes?"

For devilment I gave him a coy look and reached for a handy Mothercare catalogue as left by Janey.

It's actually cheered me up a bit I think!


thebakehouseboy said...

I have a boy of nine who just looks at me as if I am stupid when we talk football whilst pointing how wrong I am and a daughter of twelve who " just wants to pop up to Abercrombie & Fitch with Mummy actually" whenever I offer to take her to the Glades.

They are both very confident in themselves and are quite happy in any situation they find themselves in, its hard but it is your duty to rear them this way. My daughter goes away abroad with her school each year and my son is off to a PGL in Dorset next Spring, it terrifies me but I see how self assured they are becoming and realise its the right thing to do for them.

Working Mum said...

Comfort eating and you still managed five portions of fruit!

If he's leaving you more time to yourself, isn't it time to break out the bubbly? :)

aims said...

Think breaking out the bubbly both in and out of the bath is a great idea!

Never having had children - as everyone knows by now - I watched this reenactment recently while visiting a friend and was stunned!
Is it always this way?

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