Monday, 6 July 2009

Five out of ten for effort

We're going to Mac's first ever "proper" Parents Evening on Friday. I'm dreading it. David is already puffing up with pride. Mac is completely unbothered by the whole thing. When Bea asked him yesterday if he's going to get a good report, he shrugged and pulled his "whatever" face.

"Darling" said Bea as she swilled Pimms around in her glass "When I got Ian's first report I had to be prised off the ceiling with pride. When we got Caitlin's first report I had to be shovelled off the floor with mortification."

This hasn't helped.

Coupled with this is the news from my boss that she's very kindly put me on a First Aid training course because I "filled her quota and ticked all the boxes". There's a test at the end of the course which I'm not looking forward to, especially as David told Mac that if his report is "excellent" he'll buy him a skateboard and that if it's "better than mummy's" then he'll get an extra little present (which I'm hoping is protectice clothing).

He hasn't told me yet what I'll get if my report is excellent but Bea suggests that I point him in the direction of Tiffany's.


aims said...

Gawds - at first I read that you had a skateboard! And was thinking - no wonder she needs first aid practise!

Mmmmm- Tiffanys.....

Anonymous said...

Definitely Tiffany's!! I don't know why I bother with parents evenings, they always tell me the same thing!

CJ xx

The Dotterel said...

What's 'Tiffany's'? Is it that place where Audrey Hepburn has breakfast?

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