Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blue Alexander Henry Roman

Scarlett has a brother, Darren has a son and Janey has "piles the size of frigging grapefruits - when he came out, three of the little buggers popped out as well". Still, mother, father, sister, baby - and piles - are all doing just fine after a seventeen hour labour.

Bea has severe doubts about the history of the names for the new arrival - "let's hope that they don't provide another sibling.....whatever next? Yellow? Purple? I shudder to think darling".


aims said...

They really named their son Blue? Like in - 'Here Blue! - Good boy!'

I'm shuddering too.

Merry said...

Oh dear. Is it too late to read this study to them?

Odd First Names Linked to Criminality

The Dotterel said...

Frankly, it sounds from the description as though it could be an awful lot worse than colours!

Nunhead Mum of One said...

The did. Criminal is what Auntie Ivy calls it which fits in rather nicely with Aims' link.

Me, I'm keeping out of it!

They've reduced Scarlett's name to Scatty.....Blue will no doubt be called Bluey. From the pic I was texted he doesn't look like a Blue but he has got a Roman nose!

Working mum said...


So, 'Scarlett' and 'Blue'; they just need 'Bianca' and they could make a Union Flag!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, sounds painful. But happy memories ahead.

CJ xx

Rosie Scribble said...

Well it's certainly unusual. Hope it won't reflect his mood in later life! 17-hour labour! Gosh, good luck to them all.

linny said...

It must be a South London thing. We live a few miles away and my teenage daughter has a friend named 'Ruud Blue Skipper'!

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